I miss you sis

I know I shouldn't but I do..


1. I miss you

I know I shouldn't

but I do

I know it was all your decision

But it doesn't change a thing

the memories is still the same

The room might look diffrent

but it feels like you are still here

sitting on your bed with your doll

wondering why I chose the boy tpys

I can still see us playing around

even though the six years difference

It didn't matter in my head

I don't know what I did wrong

but suddely you didn't want to see me anymore

You cut me out of your life

I was only six years old

I'm bigger now

I've changed

I promise

I promise everything is better

so please come back

I need you

Dad needs you

But I shouldn't miss you

I should hate you

so tell me why I don't

you left me alone with all these quostions

I bet I never get anwsers

but if you is lost one day

you know where I am

if you remembers me

I miss you sis


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