Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


8. Yes. Finally...or...something...

It had been almost half a year since that day, Lewis hadn’t tried to do anything to me. But the weird part is that I think he had completely lost his mind, He had tried his hardest not to come in contact with me, he had even broken up with his girlfriend….It had been a half year since he had gone out with a girl, he hadn’t been with his gang when they bullied me. Something was wrong with him, I didn’t like it. I don’t know if it had something to do with me, or that day….But I needed to talk to him.

I secretly hoped that he would take the bus today (Even tho there was a very little chance that he would do that)

I walked into class and saw that he was sitting next to the seat I usually take, so he didn’t miss the chance to sit next to me at least? I sat down next to him, I could feel that he looked at me but tried to do so it didn’t seem so obvious. I got my books and the class began, I took a little piece of paper and wrote “Can I talk to you after school?” And handed it over to Lewis, I could see that he was a little confused but noded. When class was over I got to my locker, Lewis was following close behind. Was he mistaking what I wrote? I said after school! Not now! I turned around “You saw that I wrote ‘After school’ Right?” I asked “Yeah, I-I just wanted to ask where” He said “At the bus stop? I don’t know” I said and kept walking, and he was following close behind. I had a lot of classes and boy was I lucky, he had almost every same class too. When the last class ended, I didn’t wait for him. I acted like normal and got out to the bus stop. A little after he came, he walked up to me “So, what do you wanna talk about?” He asked, I looked at the bus times “I’m not really sure actually-” I think that it’s common that people make some random excuse to talk to a person, I think that’s stupid, why not just say what you had in mind? “-But, I just think that you have been weird lately” I continued “Weird? Weird like what?” He asked, I sat down and he sat down beside me “Like you have broken up with your girlfriend, you haven’t dated a girl in months and you have tried to make as little contact with me as possible-” I said “-And I had a little thought that it was my fault or that I had done something to you so that you were scared of me” I said, he looked at me with a slight blush “Oh, no no no. It’s not something you have done,it’s just that...I knew you didn’t like that I made contact with you. And so after that…Night...I promised myself that I wouldn’t do something like that (Unless you wanted me to)” “Wasn’t it….I don’t know...Kinda hard? If you can say that?” I asked “It was at the start, and it was my ex that broke up with me. Because I kept picturing you and was getting wild whenever we made out” He said and looked away, I could see that he was embarrassed to confess those things. I didn’t know how I felt about everything he had told me, maybe a little disgusted. “I-I know it sounds bad and weird, but…..I just….” He was trembling, he couldn’t get his words right. Was he scared it I would hate him? “Look, I don’t hate you. I’m fine with a little contact, and physical too. Just not too weird” I said, I could see on my watch that the bus would be here soon. “Okay…” I could hear him say “Could we maybe….Uhm…” He was trembling over his own words “Yeah?” I asked “C-could we maybe do something…so I could get away with the urges?” I could hear him ask quiet, he was probably embarrassed. I looked at him “If it’s only once pair third month” I said “Once pair month” He changed it “No, third month” I said stubborn “ “Once a week” He said with a little smirk “No! third month” I said again “Nope, either once a month or once a week. Or else I won’t hold back, you don’t know how hard it is for me” He said and crossed his arms. I thought about it for a while, if I say no, he won’t hold back, and I can’t just push him aside….He’s so much stronger than me….He’s not really giving me a choice here! “Okay, but only once a month” I said, I could see the bus from a long distance. I was getting ready to get on the bus and come home. Maybe I was going to play a little on the game after I were done with my homework. The bus came closer, I could feel how Lewis stared at me, he was getting way too excited. At least it only was once a month, I would die if it was once a week. The bus came closer, I turned around. “Well, my bus is here so...Goodbye, I see you tomorrow” I said, I turned around again to get ready to walk on the bus. But a hand got on my shoulder and turned me around, Lewis kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss and it wasn’t one with tongue or sounds, it was….Kinda normal. Lewis did the trick so I would give in too, and I did. When he pulled away he said “I’ll see you tomorrow” And walked away and waved, and I just kinda stood there a little confused. When I got on the bus, I kept thinking about that moment. It was all kinda weird.

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