Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


17. Why...

My butt had hurt the rest of the weekend, probably because it was my first time. When I look back at the time, I get so embarrassed and flushed. It was a normal day, as always. Tho Lewis seemed to be on edge, and the smallest thing could make a little jump in him.


I was sitting at lunch with Clara, Lewis was sitting with his group, because he didn’t want to spread rumors or something. I could see that they were talking about something serious, I hoped that they weren’t talking about that there was anything between me and Lewis. Clara thought that they were looking rather serious too.


When I was getting some of my books from my locker, there fell a note out. And on it were:

You better watch what you are doing to Lewis. end of class , go to the back of the school”

Well look who decided to thread me. I knew who it was, and why they had given me a note. They were probably going to shove some sense in my head, and tell me to back off before I made their bro too much of a homo than he already was.


I walked out of the door, and were about to go home. But I was dragged in the neck of my shirt, I was dragged behind the school. I pinned up against the wall, it felt as if it were Lewis who did it. But it wasn’t, it was one of his friends. I looked a little confused on him, not showing any emotion. “Hmm? I thought there would be a better reaction, than this” He said, he were probably expecting a much more “Gayer” reaction. “What do you want?” I sighed “What we want? What we want?! We want you to stop hanging around Lewis for fuck sake! You made him a total homo you fag!” Another guy shouted “Well, have you seen  me hanging around Lewis?” I asked, if they hadn’t then they couldn’t judge me. “If we have seen you? Of course we fucking have! You and Lewis were at the fucking movies at friday!” I froze, he saw? But how? “Hey guys, what was it you wanted her-” Lewis had just come around the corner of the building, he stopped. He had probably gotten the same note or something. “What’s he doing here?” He asked, I could hear he was a little scared “This bitch is going to pay for what he did to you!” A guy yelled “Did he do something to me?” Lewis asked “Wha? How can you even…? HE FUCKING FUCKED YOU UP, THAT’S WHAT HE DID!” Another yelled. It was confusing, there were so many of them. and I couldn’t run because there were one that was holding me up against the wall. They began to make a little circle around Lewis, they began to push him a little “Come on, tell us that this is a joke. Tell us that you aint homo. Tell us that-” “THAT YOU DIDN’T GO ON THAT DATE WITH HIM!” One just yelled in, we all looked over at him with wide eyes. I was panicking, if he had seen us together in the theater then we wouldn’t be able to get out of this. “W-what are you talking about?” Lewis asked “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE PLAY WITH ME LEWIS!” He spit in his face “I FUCKING SAW YOU IN THE GODDAM THEATER!” It clicked for me, that was why he looked so frustrated when we walked out of the theater. “YEAH, DON’T FUCKING THINK THAT I DIDN’T SEE YOU! YOU GAY ASS FUCKER!” “I think you have us misunderstood by someone else! I was out with a girl!” “UHU, WHAT THEATER DID YOU GO TO?!” “I was-” THERE’S ONLY ONE FUCKING THEATER IN THIS FUCKING CITY LEWIS!” He was speechless “Why?! WHY?! WHY DO YOU LIKE THIS FAG?!” “...” “HE FUCKING TURNED YOU GAY, YOU FUCKING HOMO!” He turned to me, he got closer. Too close. I made a little jump, he had grabbed me by the crotch. It felt really weird, most of all that it was another guy than Lewis. (If it ere Lewis that had done so, I would probably had let it slide) “HUUH? DOES THIS FEEL GOOD, HUH? GAY BOY!” He asked loud, it was really uncountable. I shaked my head, “HUH? I THOUGHT YOU HOMOS LIKED SHIT LIKE THIS!” “STOP IT!” Lewis yelled, we all turned to him. The guy walked over to him “Why do you like him?” “Why do you even care?” Lewis asked “Because you’re our fucking friend! I don’t want you to be fucked in the ass by another fucking dude!” ‘It’s actually kind of the opposite’ I thought “Why is it that you don’t like girls anymore?! They have fucking boobs and shit, all this guy has is a fucking dick and nothing more!” One yelled “WHY IS IT THAT YOU CARE SO MUCH? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND DO MY OWN FUCKING BUSINESS?!” “BECAUSE THE BUSINESS THAT YOU ARE DOING, IS A FUCKING NERD AND IS ONLY AFTER YOUR FUCKING DICK!” “YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM!” They began to get closer, and scream in each others faces. “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS NOW?!” *Slap* Lewis had wide eyes “Why…”

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