Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


5. Really? Really?! A Bo_ _ _

We had  sport’s class the whole day and were going to go swimming, I was both unlucky and lucky. Clara was in the same class, and Lewis was too. I couldn’t stand the thought, but I couldn’t really do anything about it. And I also needed to get some exercise.

The whole class got on a bus and we were ready to go, I was lucky and got to sit next to Clara. Clara and I chatted the whole way, but I felt uncountable. Because I could see that Lewis was glaring and watching us, was he still mad about what happened with his tongue? It had been a little since then, I don’t blame him but….Three weeks is a little over the top. But I hadn’t had any physical contact with him since so I’m fine if he glares a little, and if he get’s caught then it’s not my problem.


We finally got there, when I stepped out of the bus I could see the gang were talking with Lewis. It looked like they talked about something serious, but I didn’t really care.

We got an electronic bracelet to get in and open and lock our lockers. I walked into the boy’s locker room and got a locker. I placed my bag and got my swimming trunks, I took my cloths and glasses off and walked into the bath. I was one of the shortest guys, sure there were some other short guys but I think I was the shortest. “Damn dude” One guy said and took one of my arms “What happened? You got all kinds of blue marks and stuff” He said, I looked down at my own body and saw where I had been punched and slapped. I could see the other guys looked at me in a little bit of confusing and horror, except for the guys that had been the one doing this. “It’s nothing” I said and continued to wash myself “It’s nothing? Bro, you’ve got like...Hundreds of em’ and you even got some on your stomach” He said and pointed. “I said.It’s nothing” I said a little angry, I don’t like getting attention so that all eyes are on me. When I was done, I walked out and was ready to swim. I dipped my hand in the water to feel how cold it was, it wasn’t that cold but it wasn’t warm either. Clara was also there so we talked a little, it’s not always I get to talk to Clara because we don’t have many classes together.

When everybody was ready, and the teacher came and told us what we were going to swim. I could feel that Lewis was standing behind me and was staring at me “---Lewis?” The teacher said all of the sudden “Y-yes?” He said fast “Is there something wrong with Felix?” The teacher asked ‘Oh no, now I have to be in this dilemma?’ I thought, I looked at him with a confused expression. “N-no...Well yeah. He got all these blue marks and stuff” He said ‘Oh, we’re playing innocent now?-’ I thought ‘-Well I can play that too’ “I-I do?!” I said and looked all around my body, I could feel the tense in the big room. I could hear some whisper to each other, I knew it wasn’t the case why Lewis kept staring at me. “I-it’s nothing” I said and waved my hand a little “Well…..If you say so Felix, but if there is anything please say so” The teacher said “I will” I said and then the teacher continued to talk.

Apparently we were going to just swim in lanes (That was very boring, just swimming back and forth over and over again) The last two hours, we got to swim free, play in the water and jump from the tilt or we could go to the lockers and get changed. I didn’t play or jump from the tilt, I continued to swim in lanes because I had been doing that the whole day so why not just continue? The other’s in class played and jumped from the tilt but not Lewis, I wonder why. (Meant as a joke) I had said to myself that I would go up in half and hour and get changed, maybe go to the sauna. I had been swimming for a little while and decided to try and dive a little, just to try it. I dived and when I swam past Lewis I saw something that made me want to get out of the water as fast as the speed of light, I got up and walked calmly over to the teacher and asked for permission to go to the locker. I walked fast over to my locker and grabbed a shampoo and a towel, I walked over to the bath and washed myself fast ‘Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why does he…..? Have a boner?! Now?!’ I thought, I was done in a hurry and got into sauna. I sat down and relaxed, but the freaking picture. It was burned into my brain now, and why did it have to be the guy that I hate the most? Why?! There was silence, the only thing I could hear was my own breathing….It was nice. I closed my eyes and kinda doze off, don’t ask me why! But I was woken up to a Lewis that was on his knees looking up at me, it gave me a shock “AH!” I said and backed a little “W-what are you doing here?!” I asked “I wanted to go to the sauna, why did you doze off?” He asked “You saw me?!” I asked, if he saw me doze off then he is officially a stalker! “No! But why did you doze off?!” He asked again “I don’t know! Why did you have a boner?!” I asked, he looked at me with wide eyes “Y-you saw?!!” “Well, yeah. You can’t really cover up a boner when you’re swimming!” I said, he sat down beside me with his face in his hands. “Oh god….” He whispered “Why?!” I asked again “Why?! Why do you think?!” He said and looked at me, and then my body and then down. ‘Oh…..Hell no!’ I said in my head, I got up and walked out as fast as I could. But when I walked out I could hear him rising and walking towards me, he grabbed me by the arm and said “Hey Fel-” But I ripped my arm away and then I fell down on the floor, I hurt my elbow and it began to bleed a little “Don’t touch me! Why are you like this now?! Why can’t you just leave me alone?!” I said loud and angry “H-hey! What’s going on here?!” I heard one of the other guys say, they were apparently about to go back to the lockers to get washed and stuff. One of the other guys ran up to me and helped me up “Are you okay?!” He asked in panic “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine” I said, I looked at my elbow “Dude, you’re not fine your elbow is bleeding. Hurry go get some water one” I walked over to a bathroom stall and turned on the water, as I washed my elbow I could hear the other guys scrolling Lewis and asking him about what was going on. When I was done I walked up to my locker and began to take my clothe on, some guys came up to me and asked “What did he do to you?! Did he push you?! What happe-” “I really don’t wanna talk right now, can I get some space?” I said and continued to take my clothes on, they backed up and got their lockers. I had seriously gotten enough now, I was tired of all this.


When we got back to high school, we got to class and sat down. Lewis sat long away from me, maybe he was told to. We were told some things and then we were done for today. When I walked out, both the teachers and Lewis’s gang were watching me closely. But I pretended not to notice.

I walked up to the bus stop and got on a bus, I sat down and looked out the window ‘Five stops and then I’m home’ I thought, I was so tired. Lewis had again used up all my energy because of his dilemma with me.


When the bus stopped at the 3th stop, I was dragged by the arm very fast, I didn’t even see who it was. But I was dragged out on the street, and into the old building. Oh, now I know who this bastard is’ I thought, I was already angry.

I was pinned up in the corner again, I didn’t have the energy to try to get away. But before he started I liked to have a word “Before you begin on what you are going to do, I would like that you don’t make any weird noises. And I’m not going to give in, and you can’t make me” I said irritated, I was looking away but I could see he was looking at me with a little wide eyes. Then he leaned forward and came closer, but he didn’t kiss me on the lips. He kissed me on cheek, I was a little confused at first. I could hear his heavy breathing, and I could see he was blushing a little. ‘I guess this is okay, it’s better than before’ I thought. But then he got a little more upwards to my ear ‘Oh god, no no no’ I thought. He got up to my ear and was kissing it and…..Liking?! He was liking the shell of my ear, it felt so weird. It felt like I was listening to an ASMR video, it was a little uncountable. Then he kissed me at my cheek again, and then he got down to my neck. I tried to get him off me, he hadn’t taken me by my wrists so I was a little free. But when I tried to push him away, he took both of my wrists and held them up in the air against the wall. He took his leg in between mine and kissed my neck more and more, he began to suck and lick it too. ‘Okay, this is a no no!’ I thought. I could hear him slumber a little bit and made noises again ‘What the fuck is wrong with this guy?!’ I screamed in my head. “H-hey, I do-don’t like it when yo-” I was cut off by him kissing me again, and it became french! I didn’t want to give in but he made me, I couldn’t do anything. I was completely trapped! He kissed me with tongue and I kissed back! But I didn’t want to! It wasn’t my meaning to kiss him back! And certainly NOT with tongue! I felt one of his hands slip down on my hip, but the other was still holding my wrist up against the wall. I didn’t like this, I hated it! I hated Lewis! He knew I would say no if he asked me to be his boyfriend or whatever, and he was surly just taking all he could now. I could tell he was enjoying this but I wasn’t! It went on for a little more before I had lost all power, and he could feel it. Because I just went along with it and didn’t try to resist, he took his hand from my wrists and down to the other side of my hip. My hands automatically found their way to his chest, he held me closer and closed the gap between us completely. I could feel that he had a boner, that made me even more uncountable. But I had no energy at all to push him away, I had only enough to just be able to stand. Then his hand switched position, one of them ended in my hair and the other one ended with holding around me. He held me so close, he had trapped me. He had planned to do this on the right day (Only the right day for himself. NOT for me!) The kiss became sloppy and he made many noises, but I didn’t. I didn’t understand how you could make those sounds when you were just kissing.

It felt like ages before he were satisfied. He let go of me and I would run away and scream, but I didn’t have any energy left. I fell down on my knees and were gasping for air, he got down on squadding beside me. I looked up at him, and he looked really flushed and were blushing really hard. I could also see that his boner hadn’t gone away, it made me feel uncountable, that you can make somebody get a boner just by being you. “I-I really didn’t want to go along!” I said still gasping for air “Then why did you?” He asked, I could hear he was breathing heavily. “I...You….Wh-why do you do this?!” I asked, he got up and looked away “Oi! Answer me!” I said angry “Because...I like you, I can’t control…..Myself….It was hard enough not to get a boner when we were getting ready to swim” He said, he looked at me again...He was blushing, it went all up to his ears. “Well, if you like me, then leave me alone!” I said “How am I supposed to do that?!” He said “God I don’t know! Maybe kiss a pillow or something instead! I don’t want to be your little body-pillow!” I almost screamed, he looked at me with wide eyes. ‘Oh, you didn’t know I could get so angry?!’ I thought “Well, I’m gonna go. And please don’t make any physical contact with me for a while” I said, I took my bag and walked out. I walked out to the bus stop and drove home, now I had leaved him like he did the first time.

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