Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


7. No no no! D-Don’t do th-that!

I could feel that Lewis looked a little on me, but I was trying to distract myself from that by counting how many yellow cars we drove past or how many stops it took to get to where Lewis’s house (It was 8 stops) When we finally got to Lewis’s house you could see that he had a little bit of strict parents, everything in the house was clean and was almost….kinda OCD, even his room (It was big) You would think a guy on his age is at least a little messy, but he’s not really. “Just sit down on my bed, I don’t have any chairs...sorry” He said hand rubbed the back of his head “It’s fine” ‘It’s not fine, I want to get out of here. I want to be done with this essay as fast as I can’ His parent’s wasn’t even home! What a liar……I have no room to talk. ‘This is very dangerous! Maybe just by making a sudden move he will jump on me’ I thought, I was panicking and my palms were sweaty. He placed some papers on his table he had before his bed, he sat down beside me and took a little stack of papers. “Hey can you give me a pencil or a pen? You can take one too, if you want” He said and pointed at a glass filled with pencils and pens “Sure”As I leaned forward to get two pens I heard him ask “What was it Kevin said to you when they were leaving?” “He said that I’d better not make you a homo” I said, I heard him chuckle a little. I got the pens, and sat back down and turned around. Only to get a kiss from Lewis. It was a trick? Or did he just come on this now? He leaned more forward against me, he tried to get me to kiss back like he did at that day when we had been out swimming in sports class….And the worst is….It worked, I was kissing him back. He was leaning more and more forward against me, I got overbalanced and fell down on his bed ‘T-this is bad, this is really bad! I...He won’t stop, his parent’s aren’t home so there’s nobody to stop him! I really hope that this doesn’t turn out to be even weirder than it already is!’ I thought as I was being kissed roughly. As I was kissed I could feel one of his hands slip down to my leg and placed it so I laid on the bed, his other hand was holding the back of my head. I could hear him make tiny noises ‘Idiot! As if I don’t hear that!’ I thought. I had closed eyes (I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHY!!?) His noises began to grow higher, I could feel that there was something coming from my throat. I-I MADE A NOISE! Like the ones Lewis makes! When I had said a little I opened my eyes only to lock eyes with his, I was so embarrassed. I could feel I was getting red in the face and turned my head to the side fast, I couldn’t look at him. I could feel that he was leaning towards my ear, I could hear his heavy breathing “Continue” He whispered, I looked at him and he began to kiss me again. I could feel my throat doing a noise again, I could hear Lewis making noises. It was so weird. I could feel Lewis’s tongue, he was trying to find mine. And he got it, we were french kissing now! I was kinda sitting up against the wall (His bed was up against the wall, like in a corner) And he was kinda laying on my legs with his body, it’s hard to explain. One of his hands were on my back and the other were on my hip, I really didn’t like this but I couldn’t stop….He forced me, I was embarrassed and surely all red in the head and I was hot. The kiss was sloppy and we both said noises, I was at my limit.

We had kissed for what felt like eternity, he slowly pulled away and looked at me with a little smile? Was he satisfied now? “Are we a little excited?” He asked low “Huh?” I didn’t understand, I wasn’t excited I was uncountable. He pulled himself away, he looked down and said “You’re hard” I looked down to see…..!......(*Doesn’t want to admit it*).....I….I...had a boner, I really don’t usually get boners. It’s usually surprise boners or those you get when you sleep, so I was a little surprised by this. But I was so embarrassed, the person I wanted to be the last to see that I had a boner, saw it. “Damnit!” I said quiet, I was about to go when I was pulled back on the bed “No no, don’t go. If you were going to the bathroom, then I would say I have a much better way to get rid of something like that” He said with a little smirk “Huh?” Was the only thing I could get out, he took my hips and began to bite me right at the boner “O-oi, tha-that hurts-AH!” I quickly held my hands for my mouth, I was shocked by my own actions. I didn’t want to get any more unpleasant noises out. When he bit my boner again “Hah!” I couldn’t stop with saying those weird noises, and I felt too hot. When Lewis was going for another bite? I quickly stopped him by putting my hands on his head and tried to push him away “St-...Stop it! It hurts!” I said loud and angry “We can’t have that….” Lewis said with a low voice, he was very scary now. He took both of my wrists and held them away, his other hand where unzipping my pants and taking off my boxers “I-I said st-stop it! Y-you pervert! I-I don’t like this!” I said loud begging him to stop “Oh~ you will like it in just a minute” He said “Wha-Hah! Hnmg” I held my hands for my mouth again, there came more noises. My lover half was all naked and Lewis…..Was licking the tip of my dick, it felt so weird. “You like that?” He said low, I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me. Was it this I was to him? A sex toy?! “L-Lew…..S-stop it...I-I don...nnGha!” I couldn’t get my words right, it was killing me. I was hot, I was sweaty, I was saying weird noises, I felt weird. “St-S-Hah-Sto-ah...Mh mh mnng HAH!” I wouldn’t stop saying the noises, I was breathing heavily. Lewis was sucking my dick whole. It felt super weird, I could feel his tongue, it was touching me. I tried to say “stop” many times but it was hard, I tried to get him away by pulling his hair but I just ended up holding his hair in some kind of way. He was holding my hip and my leg, I could feel his hands were hot. There was a point where it felt in some kind of way that I can’t describe, but I ended up tilting my head up and said (Very) Loud “AH! No-not the-there! Hah ah---” I felt really hot and weird, I didn’t like it. It was a weird way to get a boner away, why did I even have a boner in the first place?! I didn’t feel turned on, More the opposite. I could hear him making those noises and slurp noises and it was very sloppy, it was weird because I would either crumple so that my knees were almost up so my cheeks or I would tilt my head all the way back. I was breathing heavily and Lewis was too, I was at my limit. I couldn’t hold any longer, but I didn’t want him to swallow it. “L-Lewi-s! I-I’m go-gonna-” I was too late to warn him, I could feel how it all bursted into his mouth. But he didn’t move away, he...He swallowed it!? He kept sucking, he seemed like he didn’t care. “H-hey! I-it’s gone nOW HAH HA AH!” I couldn’t get to finish my sentence, he had found a spot even I didn’t know about. I tried to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t make any more weird noises, but Lewis took my hands and placed them on his head. “Wh-wha?” Was the only thing I got out before I continued to say those noises, I grabbed Lewis’s hair very tight and was crumpled. What was with this guy? Kissing wasn’t enough?! I was exhausted from all of this, I was sick of the things he did to me. Why couldn’t he just leave me alone? He knew I didn’t like it, so why did he go out of his way to do it?

It all blacked out for me, I could feel I was breathing heavily.


I woke up in the middle of the night, I could feel hands that was holding around me (They were warm) ‘Where am I?’ I thought, I looked around ‘Wait….’ I was at Lewis’s house! In the middle of the night?! Oh god my mother were going to be so worried, she would be sick by now! It’s not good for her health! I tried to get out of whoever's grib this was, but I wasn’t very good at it. I ended up waking the person up “Mmnh wha?” ‘Oh…….No’ It was……..Nooo….I didn’t ask for this! “You need to go to the bathroom?” I heard Lewis say low “No, I need to get home!” I said angry “It’s the middle of the night” He said “Yeah, I don’t really care about that! My mother is going to be worried sick! It’s not good for her health!” I said “Her health?” “It’s a disease she has” “Well, I don’t think she will get sick” He said with a little smile ‘How can you be smiling at a time like this?’ I thought “How do you know if she is or isn’t?” I asked “She called a little after you blacked out, and I said that you were sleeping at my place (I said I was a friend) And then she said okay and hung up” He said. I was standing with my clothe in my hands and he was sitting on his bed, and we both had nothing on but boxers ‘Is this how you sleep everyday?!’ I thought “But isn’t there school tomorrow?” I asked “Nope, it’s weekend” He said with a smile. “Well...Can I at least get a mattress to sleep on?” I asked ‘I’m not going to sleep in the same bed as this pervert!’ I thought “Sorry” He said a little low and rubbed the back of his head “*Sigh*......Can I get a pajamas or something, I don’t like  sleeping in only my boxers” I said and looked away, I was a little embarrassed “O-of course, wait a second” He said , he got up and looked in his closet. A little after he handed me a pair of pajama pants, I looked at him in confusion. “Where’s the shirt?” I asked “I...I don’t have it” He said a little embarrassed, I sighed and took the pants and put them on. As I put them on I could feel he was watching me, I felt uncountable. ‘What?! You want to take a picture or something?!’ I thought, I walked up to his bed and got under the blanket. A little after could I hear a “Sprut!” I got up all confused, I could see Lewis run out of the door. I just sat in the dark all confused, when he got back he had little tushies in his nose ‘A nose bleed? Now?’ I thought “Why did you get a nosebleed?” I asked, he looked like he was panicking a little “I-I don’t know, I think maybe…..N-no reason?” He said and got under the blanket too, it was awkward. I could hear his breathing, he was close. I got a little shock when he closed the gap between us, he held me close to his body….He was very varm. “Why are you so cold?” He asked low, it made me shiver. “Why are you so varm?” I asked him instead of answering “I don’t know…..But you really need heat, I don’t like that you shivering” He said “I can sleep perfectly, even if I’m cold” I said a little irritated “Let me go” I said, and tried to get out of his grip. “No…” Was the only thing he said, he tighten his grip so I for sure wouldn’t get away “S-stop it, I don’t like it when you touch me” I said angry “Why?” He asked, I was still and there was silence “B-because you make me feel weird, I don’t like it” I said “Weird huh?.....” He said “Is it because you like me back?” He asked, I flinched and looked at him “What?!” “Maybe it’s too soon to ask about that” He said a little after, he held me tight again and I couldn’t get away. I was about to fall asleep when he asked “Why don’t you tell your mom about, that we bully you and that I kiss you?” He asked a little after, I didn’t want to say anything I was too tired. “I don’t want my mother to worry about me, it’s not good for her health. She will go down with stress, by worrying so much” I said “Is that why you always cover your blue marks with concealer?” He asked “Yeah, I just don’t want my mother to worry about me or to get attention from anybody” I said, I waited for him to say something but he was just quiet. ‘Did he fall asleep?’ I thought….But he wasn’t. I felt his hand slip and he turned me so I was laying with my head on his chest, it was very warm, his hands were warm and I could hear his heartbeat. It was beating fast, was he nervous? I pulled a little from him and looked up at him, he looked away as soon as I looked at him. He was blushing and I could hear his heart was beating faster, I looked down again and he hugged me. It was warm and nice……..

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