Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


6. I hate groups now

It had been months since he last touched me, I was glad it had stopped. It was so uncountable when he did, and those noises. It made me shiver just by the thought of it. Lately he had been getting a lot of girlfriends, and had broken up with them after a like a week or so. He never had relationships that short, and the girls were a little angry too. But he had chosen different kinds of girls, he never does that. He had always gone after the spoiled makeup curvy girls, with too short clothe and stuff.

I was walking to cooking class, we were going to make chocolate cake. I’m not really the big fan for sweets, because I get nausea if I eat too much of it. But it’s not like I don’t like it. I walked in and sat down, there was already some students. When all was here and the teacher was here, the teacher began to talk about what we were going to do. “Alright, I will tell you the groups now” The teacher said, every month we were going to get in new groups. “Alex and Max, Mary and Leo. Sara and Rose, -----” I didn’t pay much attention when the teacher called the other students names “---- And then there’s Felix and Lewis. Okay, I’ll be back in two hours to see how all of your cakes turnt out. I hope you don’t burn the whole place down!” The teacher said and leaved the room. ‘Wait….He said Felix and Lewis?! No no no! I don’t wanna be in a group with him! I-’ I was cut off in my thoughts when I heard Lewis “Hey, come on. We can’t just sit around and hope for a cake to pop up” He said and walked up to wash his hands ‘Okay, think about the good things. If he tries to do something to me, then he’s gonna get caught. Take it easy, I said inside my head, I walked up to him and began to wash my hands. I looked at the recipe and took all the amount of things we should use, I placed them on the table and tuck my sleeves up. “You cook a lot huh?” I heard Lewis ask behind my back, I turned around to look at him. “Yeah, I do. You don’t?” I asked and turned around again and began to weigh and pour. “Not really…” He said and began to help, this was a little awkward but I didn’t really care, if he wanted it to make it awkward then he made it awkward. We weren’t talking much, just like “Oh you do this and that?” “Yeah, what about you?” And so on. We had gotten the dough done, we just needed to get the chocolate. I had done the dough and I had said to Lewis that he was going to melt the chocolate and mix it together, he was also going to put the cake in the oven and get it out. I was washing all the things that we had used, and Lewis chopped the chocolate. When I was done I heard Lewis say “Hey, Felix. Look over here” I turned around to get a piece of chocolate stuffed in my mouth “Whmt tmhe hemck!” (What the heck) I asked with the piece of chocolate in my mouth, I took it out “Why?” I asked “Why not? Take a break, you have made almost everything” Lewis said. I took the gesture and just sat down and ate my piece of chocolate, Lewis was being a little too generous…..It was kinda creepy, because he usually either punch me or kiss me. When I was done eating it, I walked over and helped out.

We were finally done with everything and was only waiting for the cake to bake. We sat down and looked at everybody else, they were still not completely done with their cakes. I could feel Lewis was looking at me, I looked at him but he didn’t flinch or look away “What is it?” I asked, I was being a little annoyed by it “You have a little chocolate” He said, I tried to wipe my cheek. “No no, a little over here” He said and pointed at his own cheek “*Sigh* You have to get help?” He asked ‘No I don’t, it’s just hard to get!’ I thought irritated, he leaned closer and took his hand so it covered my cheek so you couldn’t see it. He got closer and….LIKED ME?! He gave me a little lick, I could hear his breathing in my ear. It made me shiver. “There” He said with a little smile ‘What?!’ I thought ‘Why would you do that when there’s people around?! Does he still like me?! Oh god I hope not!--’ And so I continued to think in my head, and was completely frozen. I could feel how I blushed a little, why? WHy? WHY?! Why was I blushing and feeling hot?! I didn’t like it! It was weird, it felt weird. But I just sat there, and nobody seemed to notice.


Cooking class was finally over, I walked as fast as I could to history class. I wouldn’t  want to spend one more minute with that guy, he creeped me out and made me uncountable.

I got into class and sat down, I found my books and was just sitting and staring off into space.

“It’s a little rude to just run from me, when I helped you” I heard a voice say, I turned and saw it was Lewis. He was sitting right next to me, I sat in the corner so I couldn’t move away from him. ‘Oh, you corner me again?’ I thought “Sorry” I said and looked away.

The teacher came in and everyone was quiet, the teacher began to talk about some history that we had been discussing last time. We got a paper where we would take notes of some movies on half an hour and then talk about them. “Okay, the last thing is that you need to do a project-” ‘Easy’ “-And it need’s to be with a partner” The teacher said ‘Oh god no’ I thought “You need to make a essay about the middle-age. To find your partner is easy-” ‘Please say it’s the person in front I need to work with. Please!’ I thought “-Is the one you’re sitting next to. Alright that was all for today. Have a great day” ‘....Shit….’ I thought, I couldn’t believe it.

“Come on. We need to get going, where do you wanna go and do the project?” Lewis asked, I packed my books and took my bag. I knew if he were going to go to my house he would surely try to kiss me….But he would also do that at his home….But I would rather that it was his parent’s that walked in on him kissing me than my mother doing so, I wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye if that happened. “Are your parent’s home?” I asked as we walked down the hall “...” He didn’t say anything, I could see he was thinking “I think so” “Well okay, can it be at your place because my mother’s got guest” I said (I was lying, but he would believe anything) “Yeah okay, that make sense” He said and then we just walked in silence, then we bumped into his gang. And they began to chatter a little, I didn’t care what they were talking about. I just wanted to go home, I felt like I could collapse at any minute because I was so tired of being around Lewis. “Why is he following you? Doesn’t he want to leave you alone?” I heard one of the guys ask “Well...We got in group together in history soo...I don’t really have a choice” He said, I didn’t look at them but I could feel that they all were watching me. “Well, good luck dude-” One of the other guys said, they walked past me and the same guy whispered only loud enough for me to hear “You better not make him a homo” And had a smirk on his face as he was leaving ‘Excuse me? Lewis is the one you should be saying that to!’ I thought angry in my head “Well, are you ready to go?” I heard Lewis ask from behind “Yeah” I said and we walked outside and up to the bus stop, we got on a bus and drove.

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