Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


12. I don’t think I’m fine...

I was shivering a little when I got off the bus, it had also began to get a little colder outside. But I didn’t shiver because of the cold, I was shivering because I would try to come in contact with Lewis ‘And maybe kiss’ The voice in the back of my head added, I shock my head ‘No no, I won’t. The highes is to give him my number or something’ I thought, it was weird thinking to myself like this….Had I gone crazy? I walked up to my class and sat down, I got a book and began to read. Apparently the our teacher didn’t come, she was sick. I didn’t really care and just kept reading. Clara was sitting beside me and were reading too. We didn’t really talk that much, we were just kinda….Doing everything together, we had the same goals so why not do them with someone that understands you. When the bell rang, we said goodbye and I walked to my next class. Lewis was already there and were sitting next to my seat, I gave him a little smile, he looked a little confused but smiled back. I sat down and I could feel he was leaning forward to me “Hey, you never smile to me….Have I done something?” He whispered, I looked at him and shook my head. We locked eyes, I could see that he looked at me a little suspicious. Then he looked away and looked at me again, he quickly took his hand on my cheek and kissed me. ‘Didn’t see that coming’ I thought, I looked at him a little flushed. He pulled away and asked “Did I catch your tongue?” I thought a little about it...I nodded, I could see that he got a little blush, he quickly looked away. I sat straight again and kinda doze off into my own thoughts, a little after I could feel a poke on my shoulder. I looked up at Lewis, he pointed at a note he had given me.


Are you ok?


I looked at him and looked at the note again, I took a piece of paper and wrote:


Yeah, why do you ask?


And gave it to Lewis, a little after he gave me a note.


You just seem kinda different today, have something happened? You know you can talk to me


I stared long on the note, I couldn’t tell him how I felt. But I got an idea.


I don’t think I’m ready to talk about it yet, but I can give you my number, so when I’m ready I can just talk to you about it


I gave it to Lewis, it didn’t take long before he handed me his phone. I handed him mine too. I wrote my number and gave it back. ‘Okay, mission for today has been accomplished’ I thought in my head.


Lewis had taken the bus with me and had almost walked me all the way home, we had talked and laughed a lot. When I was at the door I said “I had a lot of fun today, thank you for walking with me home” “No problem, I think we had a lot of fun too…” He said, he stopped and looked at the windows “What’s wrong?” I asked, he looked at me again. He got on one of the door steps and we were standing chest to chest….Or almost (Felix is not that tall, it was almost chest to stomach lol) I looked up at him, he took the back of my head and kissed me. I felt a little happy. He didn’t even do the trick, I was so use to being kissed by this guy that I just gave in. I could feel that he pushed me a little into the wall, his grip on my head became a little more tight. I could feel that he needed to bend a little down to kiss me. Without thinking I took my hand on the back of his head too, the other was supporting on the wall. I could feel that he also had a hand on the wall. He pulled away a little after and looked at me in the eyes, we could hear each other breathing heavily. “...” I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I was scared of what he would say. I quickly pulled away and said goodbye, I ran inside and quickly closed the door. I was leaning up against the door, I slid down to the floor. What is wrong with me? My heart is pounding so fast, it hurts.

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