Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


9. I don’t really know what happened...

It had been some time, since we made that promise. And it was a new start on a new month, I hoped a little that it would just be one fast kiss and then it would be that. But I could feel that Lewis had something in mind, I didn’t really like the sound of that.

I walked out of the school, and I could see the guys were standing there, ready to beat me up. I walked by them normally, as I hadn’t seen them. I could feel they were kinda following me, I walked into town. And I could see them in the shop windows, how dumb were they? As dumb as Lewis?....Well whatever, I hope they weren’t gonna go where me and Lewis was gonna go. Maybe it was all an act? I stopped, I could hear the guys stopped fast too. ‘What if it is an act, and Lewis brought them here to see what a “weirdo” I am?’ I was overthinking things. But if it were an act, then I would just try laugh it off. (Tho the thought made me kinda….Sad)

I stopped again, I was shocked over my own thoughts. Would I be sad? Why would I be sad? It would feel like freedom.


Me and Lewis were going to meet at a coffé house, “just incase” Lewis had said, at first I didn’t know what he meant but now I did. We were actually going to see a movie, I had the feeling that he would kiss me in the middle of the movie, and of course do the trick.

When I finally got to the coffé house, I could see Lewis stand there. When he saw me, he got the kind of look on his face when he’s around the guys (You know, “Gotta act cool around the guys” And stuff like that) I knew he would pull something off, like something about group work or something like that. When I got up to him, the other guys began to talk with him as if I weren’t there. Lewis did pull it off and the other’s left, then he looked at me and said “I’m sorry that my friend’s are like that” “It’s okay, it doesn’t really bother me” I said “Should we go?” I asked and began to go in the direction of the theater, he walked a little behind me and looked around a lot.


We sat down at our seats, apparently Lewis had decided to get us some seats way back. I wonder why (Sarcastic meant) We had gotten some popcorns, and were ready to see the movie. The movie was really great, but I felt like I was being stared down by Lewis. I kinda just waited for him to kiss me, because it was a cliché way he had done everything (Like with the seats and stuff) When we were half way thro the movie I could feel he was taking his arm behind my back ‘So cliché’ I thought, I could feel he was getting impatient, it wasn’t just to see a movie that he invited me here. I kinda laid my head on his arm, I turned my head to look him right in the eyes. We were stuck there looking at each other, in what felt like forever. He took my cheek slowly and leaned in and kissed me, he did the trick so I would give in too. I could feel that little after little, his other hand slipped into my hair. The kiss wasn’t fast, it was kinda slow. I think I was the only one, but I could hear that he made little sounds, but they weren’t that uncountable. He suddenly pulled away, he had wide eyes. I was a little confused on what had just happened, I looked and saw that one of my hands had slipped up to hold his cheek. I quickly took it away and sat so I faced the movie and not him, I was so embarrassed. I could feel he still looked at me.

When the movie was done, I walked into one of the theater's restrooms to just settle down a bit. But I didn’t get to close my door, Lewis walked in with me. There were pretty small space so our chests were almost touching. “What is it?” I asked a little low “What do you mean? Why did you take your hand on my cheek when we kissed?” “I don’t know, okay? I don’t know what happened there!” I whispered yelled “You know I can’t...When you do something like that. Even if you don’t have a reason” He said, I didn’t really understand that sentence but...He came fast and began to kiss me. He kissed me on my cheeks, on my head and on my neck “H-hey, s-stop it! What if someone walks in?!” I asked loud, he stopped and looked me deep in the eyes “It’s locked” Was the only thing he said before he continued ‘Again?!’ I thought, I couldn’t do anything, he was all over me. I felt like a little mouse being trapped. He began to kiss me on the lips again, and he did the trick...And made sounds, I didn’t like this. But the worst part was that I could feel something coming from my throat too, d-did I make a sound too?! I tried to pull away but he held me closer, it was no use. I tried many things to escape but none worked, I was getting tired of trying and were just relaxed. (...If you can say something like that…) I gave in and made a little bit of sounds too, tho it was hard. My hands slowly got up so that I could hold them on his chest (I didn’t like that I was being the girl figure) The kiss became a little sloppy and fast, but at least he didn’t use his tongue. He finally pulled away, he looked me deeply in the eyes “You know I really like you….Right?” I could hear him ask under his breath, but I couldn’t answer, I was too flushed and he had almost taken my breath away. “I-I don’t want anybody take you away, ever….” He slowly got down to my neck and began to suck, at first it was a light suck but then it hurt “Ow ow ow, h-hey what are you doing?! It hurts!” I said loud and tried to pull him away from me, when he finally pulled away he didn’t look at me but my neck “Making my territory” He said and began to suck on my neck again, I tried to pull him away again and again “Hey, it’s not funny anymore. I-I don’t like this!” I said, nothing worked on this guy! He would just go out of his way to get what he wanted! When I could feel he was done, he licked there where he had sucked on my neck. “...There....” He said and pulled away and looked at me “What?” I asked annoyed when there had been a while where he had just looked at me. “N-nothing…” He just said ‘Oh, it’s not just “Nothing” I can see your blush, you idiot!’ I thought.

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