Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


16. "I didn’t know..."

When we got home to Lewis, we only got to take our coats and shoes of. Before Lewis began to kiss me wildly, I kissed him back. I was pinned against the wall, he kissed me many times, on the neck, on the mouth, one the cheek, just in all my face in general. I could feel his hands slip under my shirt. He lifted my shirt a little, just so much that he could get his head under and lick one of my nipples “N-not here…” I breathed out, he pulled away and looked me in the eye. “Okay” He said and pulled my arm, we ran up the stairs and into his room. He pushed me on his bed, he closed the door and began to kiss me again. More aggressively this time, and sloppier. I pulled him away, just a couple of centimeters away. I kissed him lightly on the ear, and bit it. I could hear him make a very little casp like sound, he was very hot. “M-my pants are tight” He breathed heavily in my ear, ‘Does he have a boner?’ I thought. He pulled away, yep, I was right. “S-sorry, if this makes you uncountable” He said low “No, it’s fine...I-it happens” “W-want me to….” I didn’t even know what I wanted to say, he looked at me with a little wide eyes. “Wha…...You…” I knew that I couldn’t turn back now, I flipped him over so laid on top of him. I began to kiss him, as I kissed him, I slowly reached down to his pants. I didn’t know if he had this in mind, but there were a big chance that he did. I pulled a little away from the kiss “I’m not going to suck, okay?” I said low, looking him in the eye. He nodded slightly. I zipped his pants and took down his boxers, I never thought that I would be doing this. But here I was, with the person I liked. As I stroked his dick, I kissed him. He made little noises, and the kiss was sloppy again.

He suddenly flipped me over, I couldn’t do this while he was laying on me. He pulled away, and got close to my ear “What? You don’t want to cume?” I whispered “No….I want to cume….Inside you” He whispered back, it took me a little. “What?!” I whisper screamed “Y-you mean….Like...Sex?!” “What else am I supposed to mean?” He asked. I hadn’t thought this far, But I should have seen it coming. “How does….Can two guys even do it?” I asked, (I was actually kind of curious) “Of course, why souldn’t they be able to?” He whispered. “D-do you even know how to do it?” I asked “How hard can it be? It’s just like butt-sex” He said. As we kinda talked, he soon had all my cloths off and his too. “I-I didn’t know…” I just said “Well, I kinda thought so. I mean, you have probably never had sex before. Virgin” He said the last part low, but I heard it “You wanna go?” I asked a little upset. Just because I’ve never have done it with someone, doesn’t mean he needs to make a big deal out of it. “Well, yeah. I wanna go….And have sex with you” He said with a little smirk...God this guy. He laid me down and began to kiss me. After a while I could hear that he opened a bottle of something, then he lightly pressed a finger against my butt. “AH!” It was cold and wet, what had he put on that finger?!

He added another.




You’re doing okay?” He asked low in my ear. I nodded, it hurt, but I didn’t want him to stop...Because I had heard that it should feel good, I hoped it was soon.

You’re also hard” He then said, he was right. I had a boner, I could feel it. “I’m gonna put it i-” I couldn’t hear the last bit, over all the loud noises I made. I-I could feel it, his dick were there, inside me. Everything was hot, sweaty, gasping for air and there were all kinds of noises. It felt…..Kinda good actually. “I’m going to begin” He said a little after “D-don’t you need a condom?” I was a little scared. “Why? You won’t get pregnant” He chuckled, but I could still hear he was gasping for air.

He began to thrust, fast and hard. “AH HNG-AAAH HAH HAH AH-!” There came all kinds of noises, and it felt so good. I’ve never experienced something like this, and that I felt like this. It was kinda weird, but good. Lewis also made noises, and were gasping for air. It was embarrassing, it was embarrassing to say these noises, for him to make me feel this way. I didn’t want to look at him, and see what kind of expression he had on his face. “H-hey, why hng hah… Why are you turning y-your head? You don’t w-want to look at me?” I didn’t turn my head, I only turned my eyes to lock them with his. He was a complete mess. “Are you embarrassed?” He then asked, he had seen right thru me. I looked away again. “I-I’m embarrassed too you know…” I turned to look at him, he came and kissed me. He kept thrusting, I was close. “Are you going to cume?” He asked low in my ear, I nodded. I couldn’t get any words out. “O-okay…” I could feel he was thrusting harder and faster now, was it because he wasn’t going to cume any time soon? “HAH AH AH HNG-AH AH HAH!” I could feel it, he came. But he kept thrusting “W-why are you still thrusting? Y-you AH came didn’t you?” I asked, he nodded “B-but you didn’t” He kept thrusting a bit more, before he grabbed my dick. “AH, N-NO D-DON’T-” I came, “It takes long for you to cume, when you’re having sex huh?” He asked with a little smirk “S-shut up” I said.


“It was actually the last part that I meant” He just said “Come again?” “You know, the last part that didn’t load in the text. I did actually write something about sex” “But why did you just say it was nothing then?” “Because I thought that you would just say no, and get weirded out or something” “...Oh”

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