Waning: Boy X boy story. (Smut)
Felix is a normal guy who don't know much about relationships and just goes to high-school, but a group of guys always bully him and hurts him and calls him gay. One day one of the guys from that group, Lewis (Luis) surprises him.
And Lewis does it again and again, and it makes Felix a little uncountable.
But maybe Felix grows to not think much of it...or...


3. Can’t take your eyes off me for one sec, can you?!

‘Yay….Morning, can’t wait for class’ (Said in an annoyed tone) Was the first thing I thought when I woke up, I did get a little sleep but not much. I was walking to the bus stop, when I got there, there was already a bus. I ran and got in. I found a seat. I was lucky not to sit next to anybody, I’m not good with people I don’t know. I was dozing off with looking out the window when I got a little poke on my shoulder, I turned to look at a lady and she looked a little worried ‘God, it’s properly something about if I have seen her other earring or something’ I thought, but then she whispered “Sorry but, that guy have been staring at you for some time now. And I was wondering if you knew him, he have been staring a little intense” She got back on her seat. I took my phone up and looked at it, I could see that he was staring at me in the reflection. And it was Lewis…..Of Course. I sighed, and got the urge to look at him with an emotionless expression. It gave a little flinch in him and I could see at the corner of my eye that the lady was watching closely. Lewis looked away fast, and so did I. ‘Have he been following me? No he can’t be, I think it’s just coincidence. I don’t even take this bus, I always take the one after this. What if I take the one I use to tomorrow, then we can see if he follows me. I really hope not, it’s uncountable’ I thought.


We finally got to school, I saw Clara at the door. I ran up to her quickly “Hey” I said “Hey, wow you got some bags under your eyes. Didn’t sleep well?” “Not really” I said, we walked in. And we walked past Lewis and his gang, I could feel his eyes were watching me as I walked past them. We said goodbye and walked our ways, when I got to class there were literally no one there. Apparently I was early. I sat down in the last road in the corner, because the teacher never picks the students there. I took our books up and began to do the homework I didn’t get done yesterday, when I was done I laid that aside and just looked off into space. Then I noticed something…..You guessed it, it was Lewis that was sitting a little from me but still on the same road. He didn’t normally sit where he did today, I knew because he always sits down in the front. I could feel he was watching me, but not that it was noticeable like on the bus. ‘Boy, this day is going to be longer than I thought’ I thought, it was hard enough for me to just forget what happened yesterday, but when he was all up in my face I wouldn’t think about anything else. When I could feel he looked at me I looked at him, to make him uncountable. It worked a little, I mean...He flinched and looked away quick and blushes. But I don’t know if that makes him uncountable, I hope so because then he leaves me alone. Well….

Class did go how it should and I was actually able to think about class instead of him, it was nice. But when Class ended I was back to the beginning. I could see at the corner of my eye that Lewis packed his things away quickly, I think it was either because: 1. He maybe thought that I would pack my things away quickly too. or 2. He would just get away from me as fast as possible. Well, I didn’t really care what option he took because I would pack my things up nice and slowly. When I packed my things I could see that Lewis kept standing around. ‘Oh , so you’re taking option 1?’ I thought. When I was done packing my things, I took my bag and walked. I didn’t even look at him when I walked past him. But I could hear that he was right behind me, I walked to the next class with a Lewis following me. This class was just like the first, literally. There was no difference.


It was lunch and I was walking down the stairs to get a juice from the vending machine, I had already had my sandwich. It was like a daily routine. I got down to the vending machine (It was standing a little outside of the school) I got down to it and found some money, I put them in and pressed the button for “orange juice” I got it and was about to walk back but I walked into someone. “Oh ,sorry. I didn’t see you” I said, I looked up and saw it was Lewis. He looked at me with a flushed face “H-hey” He just said “Hello” I said with an emotionless voice and expression and walked past him. “H-hey, uhm…” I could hear him say, I stopped “I-I don’t have enough money for a juice. Can I lend some of you, I will pay you back” He said ‘Since when has he become so shy and scared of me? He used to be the scary guy’ I thought “Okay” I said, I took some pennies up from my pocket and gave them to him. He walked over to the vending machine and got a juice. It was apple, then he looked at me “W-what’s wrong?” He asked “You’re different,you’re all shy and scared now” I said and walked away ‘What? Why did I say that?’ I thought, I didn’t even know myself just now. I walked to class again and sat down.


The last class was finally over, and I got to go home now and rest. This day had used up all my energy, but first I’d got to get out before the guys catch up to me. But it was already too late, they were waiting by the door. “Hey, we’ve been waiting for you” Said one of the other guys “Oh, you shouldn't have” I said and walked past them ‘Are they really going to just let me go?’ I thought, but I knew I didn’t have that much luck. They pulled me back, and I fell on the floor. I got up quickly and said “*Sigh* What is it now you want?” “You said our bro was all scared and pussy like” One of the other guys said. ‘Oh that what happened in lunch? Oh so that’s how and idiots brain works. He got shy and scared to scared and pussy like?’ I thought “Okay….So you think I would say something like that?” I asked “You did!” Lewis came in, we all looked at him with a little wide eyes “No I didn’t, I clearly said. Shy and scared” I said “It’s the same fucking shit!” Said another guy, and before I knew it I was laying on the floor with a bump on the head. ‘Well, I can’t fix that with concealer’ I thought, I was laying on the floor and was kicked so much in the stomach that I could taste a little bit of blood. And then I threw up some blood, not much but just a little. They stopped and looked at me, I could hear them chatter a little before they all left. Properly to go find another victim that was more capable to get kicked in the stomach. I was laying on the floor for a little before I got up and took my bag, I think I’d got up a little too fast because I got a little dizzy. I walked out and took a little bit of water from a sinc. I walked up to the bus station, there were already a bus there but I wasn’t fast enough to get on. I was left with a Lewis who apparently didn’t take the chance to get on either, even tho he was just standing there. I got up besides him, I didn’t say hi or anything. I didn’t even feel like responding to him if he asked me anything. I think I would just ignore him from now on, I could feel he was looking at me. When I got on the bus he followed right after me, when I sat down he sat down RIGHT BESIDES ME!!? I was panicking again, but he couldn’t do anything to me here. There was people on the bus with us too. So he couldn’t just kiss me or anything.


It was more when we got off the bus, there was a problem. Because I live in that part of town where there almost never looks like there is a living soul, but there is people there are living there. The bus stop is a little from my house so my mother wouldn’t bump into us. I was beginning to walk down the street, when I was pulled back by the arm and slammed up against the wall in the little….Bus house...Waiting….Thingy (I don’t know what it’s called) I stood face to face with Lewis and he was breathing heavily and blushing. I could almost hear his heartbeat. ‘Okay, they don’t know where I live….So this isn’t some kind of sick joke, he really does like me?’ I thought, I looked at Lewis. He looked at me and then at my mouth, and took my cheeks and kissed me. He took his leg in between mine again, I tried to take his hands of my cheeks but he was almost like planted on my cheeks. And then he began to make those sounds, I was beginning to feel uncountable again.

Finally he pulled away to get some air, and I was nearly dead because I wasn’t ready for this. He stepped away from me “Okay, I want an explanation. Right now!” I said angry “Is this going to be a daily thing now?!” I asked “I-I would be happy if it could yes” He said, I looked at him with wide eyes ‘Oh, his dead serious’ I thought “Can’t we stop this, I feel uncountable. Especially when you make those sounds” I said, while picking my bag up again “I-I can’t….H….” “You can’t what?” I asked irritated, I just wanted to go home now thank you. He took a deep breath and said “I-I can’t help it, I get all hot when I’m close to you-” ‘Then stop being around me’ I thought “-And I just want to touch you and I-I don’t know what to do! I’ve never felt this way before, like towards a guy” “Well, that’s not my problem. My problem is that you keep kissing me and hurting me and pinning me up against walls so I can’t escape! You really don’t care how I feel about it!” I said loud “I-I do! I just need to learn how to control myself!” “Then how about not being around me anymore, let’s see if you can control yourself then!” I said and ran as fast as I could. There were a million thoughts going thru my head at that moment, I just wanted to disappear and come back when everything was sorted out.

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