The 5

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  • Publiceret: 18 jan. 2017
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This is the story of "The 5". There comes up a problem that maybe not even them can deal with. What will happen? Read the story and find out!!


1. The introduction

Hey, my name is Haylie, and i'm The Healer!! My story started when i was 5 years old. 

I was out playing in the woods with my friends. But while we where playing, we found a bird that where hurt. My friends and i began crying. Oh that pour little bird, i thought. I Gently took the bird op, and helt it in my hands. I was so sad for the bird. It could't fly, and where all helpless. One of my tears landed on it, and right as it did, there came some light and sparkles were the bird was hurt. The bird flew out of my hands, like nothing ever happened. Me and my friends where amazed. And from that day on, i used my healing power to heal the hurt! 


Yo, the name's Josh, And I'm MetalMind!! How did i become so awesome? Well i'll tell ya!! 

One time when i was out walking, i saw some people about to get crushed by some metalbars, on a building site. I ran over to them, but didn't know what to do. I tried to get them away, but there where some kind of other building materials on top of them, so they could't move. There wasn't enough time to get them away. And just as i thought that the bars came rushing at them, but right before they hit, something where making them flout still in the air right above them. It was me. I wanted them to stop, and they did. I helped them get away to safety. And from they day forward, i used my new power for the good of humanity!!


Hello, My name's Naison, I'm The Artist! It all started out in my 13th birthday. 

Ever since i was a child, art have always been my life. I wanted to be an artist, when i grew up. Me and my grandfather was spending the day together. I had no idea what he would get me. He said it was something that nobody in the whole world had. He called me over, and handed me my present. It was a really old pen. He told me that whatever you drew with it would appear. I tired it out, i drew an apple. And just as i finished drawing it, it appeared. I can't tell how many times i've used it. But it was, and will always be for the good of this world!!


Well hi there, names's James, and I'm The Time-traveler! 

I was raised in the finest part of England. My mother and father never really had any time for me.They where always busy with work.. A boring morning, i sat alone in my room as usual. Looking out the window, watching all the happy people. A family in the park had there little girl with them. The parrent's suddenly got pulled away to a picture. The girl got left alone. She ran around playing alone. She ended at the road, I got worried seeing how close she was at it. She then ran out on it, and played. I was freaking out, i tried to get someone get her off the road. But before i could do anything, a car came right at her. I yelled to stop it. I squeezed my eyes as hard a i could, but weren't any sounds of screaming or car crashing. when i oppened them, the scene where back to the parrent's sitting with their girl in the park. I had traveled back in time.. The parren't got pulled away again, and i ran down to the girl. I took her of the road, and to her parren't. But after a couple of weeks i found out that i can't travel back to the same time twice. Even so, i will use this power to defeat the evil!!!


Last but not least, there is me. Hey i'm Luntasou, and I'm the leader. I don't have any fancy powers like the others. BUT, I have never been defeated in battle. In all my life i have trained Kong fu, ninjutsu, all kind of sports, and all other defense methods there is. So now i'm bassically the world champion. The reason you ask? Well.

When i went to grade school, i had a younger brother. I was 2 grades higher than him. I always had an eye on him to make sure nothing happened to him. I was his big sis too. But one day some of the 6th graders came at him, wanting his lunch money. I came to his rescue, but they where older and bigger than me, so i could't beat them. I lost misserbly, and we both got beaten up. After that I started on kong fu, and all sorts of sports. So when i met them once again, it wasn't me that would get beaten up. I only use my power for defense, or defensing others. And that means my country too!!



We will never give up no matter what!! 

 'Cause we're The 5!!! 

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