A day without electricity

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  • Publiceret: 17 jan. 2017
  • Opdateret: 15 jan. 2017
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1. A day without electricity

Slowly, I open my eyes. I try to focus, try to see. Normally, it would have been easy. It is easy. But the problem is that, I see nothing. Only deep, deep darkness. For a moment I'm just laying in my bed, and my eyes grow accustomed to the darkness. I turn my head at the alarm clock, but as everything else, it shows nothing. It's dead. An opportunity crosses my mind. Maybe, my parents know, what's going on. Maybe, they're the only hope. To find out, I place my feet at the grey carpet, stand up and look around. My room seems normal – except from the darkness. The desk is in front of the window, my clothes are on the ground, the books are in the bookshelf, and the chair is where, I left it yesterday. Everything is just so dark, and fortunately, I'm not afraid of the dark.

    I leave my room and walk down at the corridor, thinking about why everything is so dark. It could be because of the president. Maybe, he don't want us to see. But, that'll be unlikely. Or maybe, the planet is invaded by aliens. Maybe, the aliens took their spaceships and flew down to Earth. Maybe, they came down with a purpose. Maybe, they want us dead. Even though, it's a strange thought, I can't lose it. We don't really know it. It's a possibility. I start laughing. It's such a strange thought. Why in the hole world should some aliens attack Earth? It doesn't make any sense. I turn my head at the wall and find a picture, lighted up by the moonlight, of my family. It's from last summer. My parents are in the background, and my siblings and I are in front of them. My eyes catch my mom. She smiles. I know exactly which face she would make, if she could hear my thoughts right now. She would be struggling not to laugh her ass of, but she wouldn't succeed. She wouldn't be able to hide it. 

    When I'm in front of the sideboard, I stop walking and open the top drawer. My fingers start fumbling. Come on, I think. It has to be there. Finally, my fingers grab something. It's a long, round thing. White, I guess. It's a candle. My right hand clutch it, and the left takes some matches. I strike a match, and light up the candle. In a circle around me everything becomes lighter, and the shadows are reflected on the wall. From the corner of my eyes I see a shadow. But not a shadow from the candle. No, it looks like a human. I can't control my curiosity, so I walk down at the corridor. I must find out, who it is. It could be an alien. Or a thief. 
    I walk through the door to the living room. The shadow stands in the corner. I distinctly see the shadow now. Long, brown hair. Scared, green eyes. A thin upper lip, and a full lower lip. My sister. She stares at me. I feel her fear deep down in my stomach. She's afraid of the dark, and she has always been. 
    "Emma?" Her voice is shrill, and tears are trickling down her face. "Is it you?"
    "Yes," I say with a low, squeaky voice. "It's me." She runs up to me and give me the biggest hug ever. Right now, I almost forgive the darkness. Her hug makes everything seem safe – even though, it isn't.
    "Where are mom and dad?" she cries. "Do you think, they're okay?"
    "I don't know, but I hope so," I say. I really, really hope so. We stop hugging, and I give her a kiss on her forehead. It makes her smile. We're quite for a while, but then I hear a voice. 
    "Emma? Freja?" Dad? I turn around and see him. He stands between my mom, Signe, Jacob and our dog Hikke. A happy feeling comes into my mind. We're are together. My hole family are together. Freja let me go and runs in to their arms. 
    "Do you know, why everything is so dark," I ask my parents. 
    "No," mom says. "But maybe the neighbors know."
    Few minutes after, we all stand outside the house. I begin walking, and the rest follow. The wind blows around me, and every time my feet touch the ground, I hear a splash. It seems to be a bad day. Besides the darkness it's stormy. No, not just a bad day. A very bad day. While we walk, we see a few others, but they don't look either like, they know, what's going on. 
    I walk up to the door. It's a white door with blurred glass – exactly like ours. I put my hand on the door bell, when I realize, it doesn't work. Instead I knock on the door. A tall man with a candle in his hand opens. He signals that, we should come inside. My dad goes first, then my mom, me, my sisters, brother and dog. Inside we meet a nice, little room lighted up with candles. Almost the entire street are gathered here. A girl, with blond hair and freckles all over her head, walks up to me. 
    "Hi," she says. "Do you wanna play a game?" 
    "Ehh," I say. "Okay." She finds a game, and the rest of the day we play. Or, I think it's the rest of the day, I don't really know it – the clock doesn't work. 
    I lose, I win, I win. Again and again. All of a sudden, the music begins, the lamps blink, and the television starts. It shows the news, and woman in a red dress talks. I walk towards it, take the remote control and turn up the sound.
    "I know," the woman says, "you're scared. But you don't have to be. It's okay." It's something in her face, that makes me terrified. Something must have been wrong. "Today is history. Today, a meteor crashed down to Earth, and that cut the power for all of Northern Europe." I can't believe it. It sounds too unlikely. "But now, we're safe." I don't hear the rest, cause I jump into my parents arms. It's over. I'm lucky. 
    I'm safe. 

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