Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


9. Oh shit….

The last class had just ended and I was waiting for Felicia to get her stuff packed “Hey, do you wanna kome by my place and maybe get some hot chocolate?” I asked “Oh, sure” She said with a smile. When she was done we walked out, took our jackets and said goodbye to Alex and Lou. The way over to my place seemed shorter than usual but it could be that we just talked all the way, and then time just fly’s by. When we got there my mom was already home “Hey mom, I thought you were going to get home late” I said “Yeah but it seemed  like one of the others had done my job for today so I got home early” She said “Oh, hey Felicia” My mom sad a little after “We’re just going to make some hot chocolate and then go upstairs” I said and rushed by her and into the kitchen, I made the hot chocolate and walked up the stairs “Oh, hey Felicia?” “Yes?” “Can you take the lat cup?” “T-this one?” “Yeah” We walked up the stairs and I walked inside of my brothers room and placed it on the table “Idiot brother, I the mighty idiot little sister have come and placed some hot chocolate on your table” I said, I could hear a muffled “Thanks” Under the blankets. I walked out and into my room “Is your brother sick?” Felicia asked “Yeah, whenever fall comes he gets easily sick” I said “Oh, I’m sorry” “Nah, don’t worry about it. He get’s over it in a week or so” I said with a smile ‘He’s strong enough’ When we walked inside of my room Felicia said “Oh, it’s nice in here” “You have been here before” I said and laughed a little “Yeah I know but…..I just don’t think I saw it probably last time I was here, Because you kissed me and I didn’t……” She stopped “I-I’m sorry about last time you were here Felicia, I’ve should’ve listen to you more” I said and hugged her “I-it’s okay….I think if you hadn’t done things like that, I don’t think I would be standing here right now” When she said that she was getting warm and I could think me to that she blushed a little. “D-do you wanna see a movie or something?” I asked a little after, she didn’t answer right away. “A-a movie would be fine” She said, I began to take some movies up of a drawer and laid them on the table “Which one?” I asked “Uuuhm….What would you like?” She asked “I’ll take whatever” I said “Well….Then...this?” “Okay” I said and took it. We began to watch the movie on my TV, after half an hour my mom came and asked “Is Felicia going to eat here?” I looked at Felicia with a questionable face “I-I’m just going to make a call and ask, is it okay for you?” She asked “Oh, yes yes that’s fine” “Okay, thank you” She said and made a call *Beep* *Beep* Could I hear “Hello? Mom?” Felicia said “Yeah, hello. Uhm...I’m over at Amanda’s place and I would like to ask if I could stay for dinner?” “...” “Wha...Mom! No! Mo…*sigh* Mom, it’s just for dinner nothing else okay?” She blushed really hard “Yeah...But can I?....Yeah...Okay...yeah….Thank you. Okay, bye” *Beep* “I can stay for dinner” She said with a smile “Okay, I’ll let you know when it’s ready” My mom said and closed the door “Hey, what’s up with your mom? What did she say?” I asked “She asked if I was going to sleep over here...And if we were going to do…..” She blushed really hard again, and I didn’t have to ask why because I knew exactly what her mom meant “Man, your mom can get crazy at times you know” I said and laughed a little “Heh, yeah” She said, we began to see the rest of the movie. When it was almost done I just said “You know I love you right?” She looked at me in an asking way “I-I mean….Y-you know I uuh…..” I was beginning to blush “Of Course I know that silly” She said and leant in to boop my nose with her’s, but I took the back of her head and leant it in so I kissed her. At first we just kissed like normal? And then it began to be a little tongue and a tiny tiney bit of moaning (Not very loud) We pulled away and there was a string of spit hanging from each of our mouths, when…...We apparently hadn’t heard that there was someone coming up the stairs. And that someone was my mom, when she opened the door and the first thing she saw was me holding the back of Felicia’s head and that both of us had a string of spit that was collecting both of our mouths. I was screaming very loud inside, and I think Felicia did the same. My mom was frozen a moment just looking at us before she got the “Fake face” on (It’s something me and my brother calls it when my mom have a smile on her face, but she isn’t really happy. She just doesn’t want to be rude over for our guest’s, and waits till their gone so she can be rude and scroll us) “Dinner is ready girl’s” She just said and walked like a robot down the stairs “Shit” I said under my breath “W-what’s up?” Felicia whispered “My mom plus gay or lesbian couple plus it’s her own daughter, doesn’t give a good answer” I whispered back “That’s why she had that face” I whispered a little after when we were going down the stairs. When we came into the dining room, my mom, dad and brother was sitting ready. “There you were, just sit there. I hope you like the food” My mom said still with the “fake face” We sat down and Felicia said “It look’s good” With a smile “Thanks” My mom said, we first praded and then began to eat and it was so awkward. Nobody said anything, I bet mom had said it to dad and brother they were probably in shock…..Well maybe not brother, because he knew about me and Felicia. When I took some more and I could see my brother was worried about me. I was in deep shit right now, I hope I could play it off. When we all were done eating Felicia stood up and said “W-well uhm….Okay….I-I think I’m going to head home now” “Okay, come safe home” My mom said “S-sure” Felicia just said, I walked with her out to the door and said good bye. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered “I love you” And ran…..When I came inside of the dining room again the table was clean from plates and everything, and my mom didn’t have the “fake face” on anymore but had a very scary mad face instead. I knew what was coming….I sat down opposite from my mom and dad, my brother was in the corner which meant that he shouldn’t stick his nose in this. Then my mom started talking “Honey, I hope what I saw in your room wasn’t what I think it was….Was it?” I knew that I couldn’t come out of this so I just accepted it and said “It was” I heard my mom gasp in a pitched voice that hurt my ears “How could you do such a thing?!” She asked in a loud voice “I don’t know the answer to that” I said, I didn’t want to back down so that she could just make me do as she said. I was old enough to make my own choices. “Why would you break one of god’s law’s?!” “I didn’t know that god didn’t like gay nor lesbian people” I said “Well it is, if you stop with this behavior I think he might take you into heaven” My mom said “What if I don’t?” I said “...” There was silence and then….*Slap!* “CAN YOU SEE WHAT THE DEVIL HAVE DONE TO OUR DAUGHTER DEAR?!” My mom almost screamed, she had given me a red mark on the check where Felicia had kissed me. “Yes dear, it’s gonna be hard to take this behavior from her” My dad said, then my brother jumped in even tho he knew there was consequences. “How can you even live with yourselves right now?! Aren’t a mom and a dad supposed to help their daughter with problems and not be against them?!” He said and took a chair over to my side and sat down “Don’t tell me that you are with her!” My mom yelled in his face “I am” He just said with an angry face “...” “Why can’t you just see that this is wrong?!” My mom said “WHy is it wrong?” My brother said “Because it’s against god’s law!” “Why is it that it’s against god’s law?” My brother was so calm, he knew what he was doing. But my mom was running out of thing to say, and why she didn’t like it. “B-because he doesn’t like gay people!” “Why not?” “BECAUSE IT’S DISGUSTING!” She was panicking “Why?” “THEIR ARE THE SAME SEX!” My mother yelled and pointed at me “I thought god expected everyone in heaven, even the gay ones” My brother said “He does, but not them who is lover’s and even same sex!” My mom yelled “Why does it even bother you? You shouldn’t be so nosy about your daughter's private life” He said “But if she keep’s going on this path she will end up in hell for god’s sake! God won't accept her when she tries to come into heaven!” “Well, what if I’m fine with going into hell?” I asked “I just want the best for you!” My mom said and tried to look innocent “Well...The best you can do for me right now is let me chose my own path and don’t stick your nose into my shit!” I said and walked out of the dining room and up the stairs, I could hear my mom yelled something after me but I didn’t really care. I sat down in my room, I had locked the door if she tried to come in here and slap me or hurt me more. I was just tired of everything of this shit, I just wanted to be with Felicia. In a place where nobody could hurt us. I didn’t care what my mom said, I didn’t care if I would go to hell…..I just cared about being with Felicia.

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