Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


5. No tea

I walked into the kitchen and saw Felicia was already pouring hot water into the cups, when she was done she kinda just looked at them….And without thinking I walked over to her and hugged her from behind, she’s a little bit smaller then I am so I could lay my head on hers. “W-what’s wrong?” She asked “Nothing” I muffed, we just stood there for a moment before… “T-the tea is going to get cold if we stand like thi...Hng!” She was cut off by me biting her ear lightly (Not hard!) “W-wha...Are…Yo…..Hng!....” I bit her ear a little harder, I could feel she was burning up. When I bit her she made such cute sounds, was there anything about this girl that wasn’t cute? *Thumb* “A-Amanda?!” I had hit her against the wall….

I was holding both of her hands. I began slowly go down and biting her on the neck “Hng!....nngh!” ‘So cute’ I thought, when I was a little “Done” Biting her on the neck I…. “AH!” I heard really loud, it almost shock me. I had begun to lick her just a little on her neck, that’s why she made the sound. “Hmm?...You like that?” i whispered lightly in her ear, I wasn’t myself anymore. If I were myself I would never had made it this far, I would be too embarrassed. I think she wasn’t herself either, because when I asked her that she nodded slightly “Hng….hngh!.....AH! ahh…..aah…..” We were both red and flushed by this little moment, I began to take my hand down and hold on her butt (Which was also cute by the way) And held her hand tight by my other hand, I hold her tight into me and kissed her...But it wasn’t just lip to lip it was also a little tongue (At least in the beginning) My tongue was touching hers, she didn’t push me away but….Maybe she thought she would be too selfish if she did that and then just let it happen even tho she didn’t want to. I began slowly to pull away, and if she also pulled away it meant that she didn’t like it but was too scared to pull away. But if she pulled me closer, then it meant she liked it….I was kinda hoping for that she liked it. When I pulled away we just kinda looked at each other with deep eyes, she then looked at my mouth/lips. And kissed me deeply, like she was eating me….I don’t really know how to describe it (It was like...When you see a movie and two lovers see each other and they have this little make out session, and it looks like they are trying to eat each other. Yeah that was what Felicia was doing...Or at least it felt like it) Anyways, I began to take in too. My tongue came and hers too, they touched. I felt a sound was coming, and there was….I made a moan. I was so embarrassed, but it looked like Felicia didn’t care that much because she came along. She moaned too, “Hm mh mh, ahm!” It was going so fast, and it was just getting hotter and hotter in the kitchen. “Mh mh hm! Ah ha ha...Hm” It got so wild that there was a little bit of spit that came here and there, it was so wet. I had closed eyes, but I wanted to open them so I could see what her expression was. She also opened her eyes and that was when it made a click for her, she kinda stopped and looked me direct in the eyes. I just kinda kept going just a little before…. I felt a big pain in my tongue, I stepped back and there came a little blood out of my mouth. “W-what the heck?!” I said “S-sorry! I-I panic’t!” She just said “Why?!” “I-I don’t know, I was so caught up in the moment that I just didn’t notice! I-I’m so sorry!” She ran over to me and hugged me...Very tight. “H-hey now, UF!” “S-sorry!” A little after when we were done hugging, I was sitting in her living room and looked around. She had gone off to get me a glass of water. “H-here” She said “Thanks” I drank a little of the water “I-I’m really sorry, about it” “No worries” I said “S-still” I could see that she was a little close to cry. I took my head close to hers and made eye contact and said “Hey, I said dont worry too much about it. Okay?” Her eyes were wide open “O-okay…” “Good girl” I said and kissed her light on her lips. She blushed just by that, it was cute.

It was also time for us to go to bed, the whole town had probably already gone to bed. We walked upstairs and into her bedroom, it smelled so nice (Of her) She took two mattresses and laid them on the floor. “I don’t use so much space, I only need one” I said “I know, but one of them are to me” She said with a smile “Y-you don’t want to lay in your bed instead?” “No, I want to lay beside you” She said and took some pillows. I blushed, when she was done I sat down on my mattress and said “Come here for a sec.” “O-okay” She said a little unsure. She kneeled down beside me, and I hugged her. I kissed her on the forehead, on the cheeks and on the neck. “H-hey now, sto...Ah!” I knew, if I didn’t stop now I would lose control and it’ll just end like how it just did. So I stopped and just hugged her “W-what is it?” She asked “What did I ever do to deserve you?” I asked “Wha?....” After a while I think she got it because I could feel she was getting a little warm. She buried her head in my shoulder and mumbled something about “Love you too” Or something I couldn’t really hear it. When we finally came to bed it was like 2 AM. We just laid there and looked at the selling, “Hey…” I said “Yeah?” “Why is it that, you think almost everything you do is selfish?” I asked “I-I do?” “Yeah...Well, a lot of times. W-what is the story behind that?” I asked “I don’t know if there’s a story behind it” “Well, why do you do it then?” “I think it is just a habit” “Where is that habit from?” I wanted to get deeper into this “I-I don’t remember….Maybe childhood?” “Hmmm, when you were a child were you told that you couldn't be selfish or something?” I asked “Maybe….I think it was something like that, that maybe I was really selfish as a kid and then my parents told me not to be, and then I just thought the littles things was selfish” “That sounds like something that could had happened” I said “Yeah…..” We didn’t talk the rest of the night and just slept. I woke up to a Felicia that was sleeping rather close to me, I got up pretty fast because it kinda surprised me. It was still kinda dark outside so I would just sleep a little more, I looked at Felicia. She looked so peaceful when she sleep, I took her hand. It was really cold, or I was just really warm. I got a little closer, and before I knew it we were spooning. It was really nice, she was so cold but it was worth it. I hold her close to me, she was so cute and small. We just layed there for some time.

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