Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


11. Nice snowy day with the love

It was Saturday morning and I had just woke up, the time was 08:34 AM on my digital watch. Today I was going to meet with Felicia and go into town because there was a christmas marked, and it had open every weekend.I looked out the window and saw it had snowed like crazy last night, so it was probably a big layer of snow today. I got up and walked downstairs, when I came into the kitchen my brother was roasting some bread. “Good morning” He said “Morning….Where is mom and dad?” I asked “Their still sleeping, they were up pretty late last night” He said “K” “Would you want some toast too?” He asked a little after “Yeah, thanks…” I said “...What are you gonna do today?” It took a while before I said anything, because when you just woke up you kinda need to get use to kinda loud noises and stuff, and it took a little while for my ears. “I’m going to go to that christmas marked with Felicia...” I said a little after “Cool” He just said “You need to borrow some money or?” He asked “No no, I’m good” I said “K…” We ate in silence, and just looked out on our garden. Everything was buried in snow, it was nice and beautiful and looked mysterious in some kind of was. I liked it, maybe my favorite time of year is winter….I don’t know. I was cut of by my brother asking “What time is it that you and Felicia is going to meet up?” “12 AM or so” I said “Okay…...Do you plan to also spend the night over at her place?” “If her mom isn’t home, then yeah…” “...” “I-it’s not like I have anything against her mother! It’s just that..” I was cut off “It’s okay, I know I know. It’s kinda awkward with parent’s being there too” “..Yeah…” “Well, I hope that you two are going to have a good time” He said with a smile and walked into the kitchen again. “...Yeah….Me...too” I said to myself. I walked upstairs and took a shower.


I was playing on my brothers guitar to make time go just a little faster, I didn’t really know how to play that much because I had always been the lead singer so I didn’t really use instruments. The time was 11:19 AM, and I couldn’t wait any longer. So I took my jacket, boots, mittens, my purse and my cellphone and said goodbye. It was only my brother that said good bye back, my mom and dad just took a glance at me and looked away again. We haven’t really talked that much since that evening, it’s kinda awkward. Anyway, I came to the spot where we planned to meet. I stood there for a good maybe….35 minutes or so before I could see Felicia running towards me. “S-sorry I’m late” She said while trying to get her breath back “It’s okay, I didn’t wait long” I said with a smile “Where do you wanna go first?” She asked “I...Don’t know….Where do you wanna go?” I asked “....Where you wanna go…” She said, there were silence before we burst out laughing. “What if we just walk around for now?” I asked a little after “Okay” She said with a smile. We walked by many stalls, many of them looked kinda the same but I didn’t give it much thought. When it were about lunchtime I asked “It’s about lunchtime, what about we grab a bite?” “Okay” Felicia said, we walked into a small café where you could sit and take away. It was so nice and warm, we looked at what they had. They had sandwiches, cake, tea, hot chocolate, coffee and some cold drinks. We got in line and when it was our turn the man at the counter asked “Hello, what would you like today?” “Uhm...I’ll have a chicken sandwich and a coffee..And what would you like?” I said and looked at Felicia “I-I would like a tuna sandwich and a hot chocolate” She said “Okie-dokie, if you could sit at the number 8th table right over there…” He said and pointed at the direction of a table with a 8th number on “Then we will come with your orders” He said and took a note “Okay” I said and walked over to our table and sat down, with a Felicia behind me. We talked a while before our food came, we ate and talked some more. When we left the place it was getting really dark “Maybe we should head home” Felicia said “Aww come on, it’s much nicer when it’s a little dark. And look” I said and pointed at the sky “It’s snowing, that’s nice too. Right?” I asked and looked at her “Well, okay then. We can go around a little more” She said and took my hand, she was a little warmer then I was. We walked by many stalls and came to one with caramel apples with coconut sprinkles on top, “Oh, want one?” I asked “If you want one” Felicia said “Okay” I said and let go of her hand and walked over to the stall, when I came back I gave her one and we began to walk again. “It’s like a tradition for me…” Felicia began “Yeah?” “Yeah, every year me and my mom is out here and buy a caramel apple” She said “Must be nice” I said while looking at the snow that were falling “Yeah…” She just said, we continued to hold hands and eat our caramel apple while walking. When we were done we threw the sticks in the trash and walked around some more, a little after we walked by a like…..little side street and I saw something there. I looked a little closer till I saw what it was “Hey Felicia, come here and see” I said and waved with my hand to her, she walked towards me and she hadn’t seen it (yet) I pulled her closer and kissed her, she was getting warmer. When I pulled away she looked at me with a big blush, her ears were also a little red. I just laughed a little and pointed at the mistletoe that was hanging from a little door light, “Amanda!” Felicia said loud, and buried her head in her scarf. She was so embarrassed it was so cute, I kissed her on the forehead and said sorry.

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