Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


2. In the nurse's office

I was waiting outside, the others had gone to class but I wanted to stay and wait. She was the thing I cared most about, one nurse came out and asked if I didn’t want to go to class and that she was okay, I said no and she gave me permission to inside to Felicia. I walked inside to her and saw that she was laying there. “Hey….A-Are you okay?” I asked quiet and walked up to the side of the bed “Yeah, I’m okay…...N...Now that you're here” ‘Now that you’re here?!’ I could feel I blushed like crazy I could feel I blushed like crazy “W-well….I’m not going to leave anytime soon” I manage to say “B-but what about class?” She asked “I don’t care, Alex and Lou will probably make something up. I just wanna be with you” “W-well do you wanna sit down?” She asked “S-sure” I sat down on a chair beside her and grabbed her hand “W-What is it?!” She asked fast, she was probably scared of if there was bad news. “Nothing really, I just don’t feel like we have heldt hands for a while” “*Chuckle* We did it for four days ago” She said, it’s a good feeling when I make her laugh a little “Well it’s four days too long ago too” I said a little unserious. She laughed even more, and we laughed together. When we were done laughing I asked “You're okay right? What happened?” “I’m fine don’t worry, A-and I don’t think it is something serious, my head hurts just a bit that’s all” She said with a smile “Y-you can say if it hurts….It’s not selfish at all” I said, we had talked about the “Being selfish” thing and she was kinda getting the hang of it now, it was just sometimes I needed to say it wasn’t selfish. “O-okay…..!” I kissed her on the forehead “I hope it get’s better by the end of the day, at least” I said, and kissed her on the checks a couple of times before… “I’m sorry, but your teacher is looking for you Amanda” It was a nurse that had come. “O-Okay” I said ‘Oh god I hope she didn’t see that’ I thought, while running to my class.

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