Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


4. “Don’t listen to them”

I was on my way on my bike, we had to meet at the movies. When I got there I was the first of us to be here, I waited a little before I saw her running towards me. “H-hey, s-sorry I’m late” She said “N-no no, it’s okay. I haven’t waited that long” “O-okay” “Here, your ticket” I said and handed her a ticket “T-thanks” We walked inside and bought a bowl of popcorn and a big soda that we shared, when we were going to buy it a lady by the counter said “You know it’s a couples menu right?” “Y-yeah” I said “And you’re a couple?” She said with a little disgusted face ‘Oh god...One of those people’ I thought, I could see it all coming “What if we weren't?” I asked, I asked as if we weren’t so she wouldn’t be that suspicious about it. “Well then it wouldn’t bother me, but I would ask why you didn’t just take seperated popcorns and soda” She said with a little more relaxed face “And what if we were?” I asked, even if I knew what she would say I asked anyway “Well then if you were, you could get the hell out of here!” She said a little loud, she also had the disgusted face again “Hey hey, what’s going on here?” A guy came and took the lady by the shoulder “W-well these girls say they are a couple, can you believe it? A lesbian couple. Here?!” “What’s wrong with that?” He just cut her off “Y-you don’t think it’s disgusting?!” “Why is it disgusting?” He just asked with absolutely no emotion on his face “B-but it’s…..da…..IT’S TWO FUCKING GIRLS KISSING!” All eyes were on us “Yeah so?” “THEY ARE THE SAME GENDER! IT’S WRONG! IT SHOULD BE THE OPPOSITE! ALWAYS!” “I don’t see the problem, it’s just harmless love” He said “Well if you're not comfortable with serving these people, then we can switch counters” And before she could say anything we had already given him the money and gone into the theater. When we sat down in the theater I looked at Felicia and asked “Are you okay?” “Y-yeah, I’m fine. I just never thought that she would begin to scream like that” “Yeah, me too, b-but don’t listen to them. Ever” I said, we didn’t talk the rest of the movie. But there was a time where in the movie Felicia got a little shock and was clinging to me for just a little moment, when she pulled away I held her close again “A-Amanda?” She said unsure “Shh, watch the movie” I whispered, just loud enough for her to hear. And that’s how we sat the rest of the movie.

When the movie was done we took a walk in the park, it was nice and we held hands, it had been a while since we had done that, we talked a little about the movie and about other stuff. It was not a long walk but long enough to make us both hungry again, “Hey, are you hungry?” I asked “Yeah, I could eat” She said “Alright, where do you wanna eat? It’s on me” “Oh no no, let me pay my food” “No” I just said “B-but Amanda…” “No, I have enough money for two people. Besides, I wouldn’t let my date pay for her own food” And smiled, we just standed there for like a sec before...Felicia began to walk again “H-hey! A-are you angry?” I asked about to panic ‘Oh great, now I messed it up’ I thought. When I stopped her and looked at her face she was red like a tomato, she didn’t want to make eye contact either “H-hey, is it something I’ve done?”  I was really about to panic “H-How many times do you plan to stop my heart?” I couldn’t almost hear it, but I was glad that I did “I-I stopped your heart?!” “Y-yeah, y-you are so sweet against me….It almost stops my heart” “Oh my god, my too” “Huh?” “Yeah! When you are sweet or cute it always stops my heart” I said hugging her “So where do you wanna eat? What do you wanna et?” “But what if you don’t like what I chose?” “Don’t worry, I’m not a picky eater. And if it happens that I don’t like the food then I’m just gonna… “Then we find a new place!” It almost scared me, because she said it so loud “O-okay, yeah, s-sure… Then...What do you wanna eat? You can be selfish, it doesn’t hurt anyone” I said just to be sure “T-then maybe….China box?” “Sure” We walked to a take away chinese food place.

“What do you wanna have?” I asked “Uhm….The one with noodles, chicken and spring rolls” “Okay, one of those coming up. And I’ll just have one with rice,baked shrimp” When we had gotten our china boxes we sat down at a bench and ate. It was like….maybe 9 or 10 PM, and it was getting a little dark. When we were done we just kinda sat there and looked at the stars. “It’s actually pretty warm, for fall that is” Felicia said “...” I didn’t say anything, I just wanted her to keep talking, it was nice to hear her voice. “Y-you wanna go home?” She asked a little after “No no...U-unless you want to, you walked over here right?” “Y-yeah” “I can take you home” “You don’t need to” “Yeah I do, it’s getting dark and who knows, maybe there is someone who want’s to take the cutie from me” “Who’s the cutie?” “....Who do you think it is?” “...” She didn’t say anything she just kinda blushed “Well I’m going to take you home no matter what, okay?” I said and began to walk when….She pulled my jacket “....T-thank you….” We walked over to my bike and I gave her my helmet “W-why are you given me this, then you don’t have anything to protect you with” “It’s okay, I got this” I said, I was getting ready to ride when she jumped on. S-she was so light, like really light and then I just asked out of nowhere “Y-you eat healthy, right?” “Y-yeah” “Okay” Then we began to ride home, sometimes when there would come a little bump she would cling herself into me. Like she was afraid of falling off. When we finally came to her house, and I dropped her off I said “Well, it was a nice date to have with you” “Y-yeah, I had a lot of fun as well” “Y-yeah, I hope we can do it someday agai… *Kiss* I was cut off by HER kissing ME!


When she tried to pull away I took each of her checks and hold her, I didn’t want to let go. She had come this far, SHE had kissed me. She herself, she had taken a big step forward.

We both pulled away, because we didn’t have any air left. “I-I don’t think you should be biking home at this hour” She said out of the blue, still gasping for air “W-wait….Y...You want me to….S-stay?” “I-I just don’t think you should be out at this time of night” “....” I jumped down from my bike and walked over to her, she looked up at me (She’s a little bit smaler them I am) “Can I stay? J-just for the night, okay?” “....S-sure” We walked inside, it smelled so nice but….All the lights were off. “Hey, why is there so dark?” I asked “Oh, i-it’s because my mom is just out for a day. So I’m home alone” She said and turned all the lights on, their house were so nice and pretty. “I-I’m just gonna call, and say that I sleep over at your house” I said “S-sure, w-want some tea?” “Y-yeah thanks” I saw Felicia go into the kitchen, I called my brother *Beep…..Beep* “Hey sis, what’s up?” “I was just going to say that I’m staying over at Felicia’s house. J-just for the night” “Okay, yeah, sure. Should I tell mom?” “Yeah, you can do that. Oh and if she asks why just tell her that it was already too late to bike home” I said “Sure...Is Felicia’s mom or dad home?” He asked “W-why are you asking that?” I started to feel a little hot, I kinda knew where he was getting at “N-no reason” He said a little too fast “Well...Okay then, bye” “Bye” *Beep*

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