Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


13. A whole new side of her

We got home (Felicia’s house) pretty quick, we walked upstairs and found two mattresses and brushed our teeth and laid down. When she was done brushing her teeth she came into her room (That was where we slept) She just kinda stood in the door opening and looked at me, I was laying on the mattress that I was going to sleep on. She walked over to me and stood at the end of my feet, and then she crawled up to me. “H-hey, wha-what’s up?” I asked, I didn’t really know what to do in such a situation. She didn’t say anything, she took both of my cheeks and kissed me. At first it was like a normal kiss but then it got deep (Like...with tongue and stuff) It was new that Felicia would do something like this, just by her own decision. When she pulled away to get some air I let her but then I pushed her head to mine and we kissed again, and I made some moans and groans and so did she. It’s kinda weird to say this...But it felt good. As we kissed she took my hand and took it under her shirt, so I touched her stomach. I was so surprised that she would want me to do this?! I took my hand to her back and pushed her into me, was she enjoying this? I was too caught up in the moment to think of anything else at that point, we kissed and she moaned and groaned loudly. I didn’t even notice that my hand had gone up to her chest and held one of her breasts, she moaned of that too…..I think? But then she stopped me and was breathing heavily, when she had gotten her breath back she said “C-can you make me feel g-good?” I was frozen, I had thought about moments like this but….I haven’t really tried it before, I didn’t know what to do. But I nodded and kissed her deeply again, I took my hand under her shirt again and worked my hand up to her chest again…...But this time I….Took my thumb under her bra and…….*Blushes just by the thought* ...I play’d with her nipple with my thumb. She moaned again, and I think she liked it. It’d got on like that before she pulled away and said “D-do you know how to do it?” I blushed and got red like a tomato, “Uhm….I-I….Don’t” I said and was very embarrassed, she just chuckled a little and said “How cute….M-maybe I should help you” And kissed me again ‘Maybe I should help you?! Have she like found information on a website or something?!’ I thought. Then she took me hand and down to her…………

(Y-you know!) And she moaned even more, I was kinda pleasure too...To be honest. And it went on and on, and we kissed and made a mess of ourselves.


A little after we had both taken a shower and cleaned up, it ended up that I was going to use Felicia’s mattress and she slept in her own bed. But it was worth it, “I’m sorry that I messed up your room” I said while kissing her forehead “I-it’s okay” She said, she was back to...Normal? The little shy and cute Felicia, that I could make blush so easy.

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