World Of Faith

A boy named Leon gets teleported to another world and not only that, but as a wolf? Now he's on a journey to get his human-form back and return to his original world...


6. Village

As soon as one of the villagers spotted us, he yelled something to the rest, and they repeated it again. They all assembled around us and got down on their knees bowing as if blue was a queen.

Are you a queen or something? I looked at Blue who sighed and looked as if she had had enough of me.

They’re bowing down to you, you dumb piece of a wolf to be. And here I thought you actually had a brain… Guess it’s for decoration. Blue landed on the ground, and looked at me. I was startled.

Why suddenly so mean? I was a little surprised by the sudden attitude change, but I guess it’s only natural for someone you hardly know. Or actually, maybe not.

I thought you had at least a little consciousness about your condition, but I guess not. As they say, to get respect you have to earn it. Blue went over to the villagers side.

The villagers kept their head down and forced the kids down with them. They obviously didn’t know how to react at all. They were panicking but not because of a monster or anything bad. it was more like a noble standing in front of them and they were trying to find a way to impress him. I lowered my head in return as a bow and they began to panic even more.

What is going on? Did I do something wrong? I whispered to Blue as one of the villagers suddenly spoke up.

“Welcome holy beast, god of nature. I’m the chief of this village What would someone like thou want with a feeble village like this?” Were they scared of me? wait, holy beast? god of nature? Was it Blue they were talking about?

Please raise your head. I told the chief. I panicked. What was going on?? I looked at blue. She sighed and pointed towards the villager.

The chief looked at me as if asking permission to talk.

Relax a little more, this tense atmosphere is making me nervous. I half whispered to the chief, hoping he would understand. He pointed towards a church. Blue nodded

“Come with me, and I’ll tell you everything you want to know” The chief bowed his head once again before heading for the church. I assumed that I had to follow, and so I did. On the way, a bunch of the villagers stumbled and fell. I wanted to help them, but Blue stopped me as if protecting me. I looked at Blue again. She knew more about this than I did. She obviously knew something about this body of mine. She shook her head as telling me to wait.

Where is the church? I asked the chief, but he didn’t answer. Maybe he was too nervous or scared? I looked at blue as asking her instead. Blue sighed again.

They don’t understand you. You’re a holy beast, and only selected few knows the language. Blue said. Wait, a holy language?

But this is english? I said in my best british accent to convince her.

English? what is that? An enemy country?” Blue said, and was now completely on guard. I sighed. I didn’t understand her, and she obviously didn’t understand me either.

And if I’m a wolf, shouldn’t it more likely be howls than english? I said. Blue looked even more lost.

Are you okay? What is a wolf anyways? and you’re a godly being. A holy beast. And I guess you would normally howl, but since you’re using telepathy, It would be weird if you howled. Blue said. I guess she had a point, but didn’t Wolves exist? Or maybe they were just called something else here.

“We are here, Holy beast” The village chief pointed upwards. I looked up, trying to spot the church, but all I could see was a small cottage. Wait, don’t tell me that this was the church?

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