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  • Publiceret: 31 okt. 2016
  • Opdateret: 27 okt. 2017
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1. Chapter 1.


It was a rainy day. I was walking home from the party at Jenne. It was so fun. There was loud music, and we danced like monkeys. Thinking about the party made me smile. Then i thought about Ben, and i smiled even more. Ben was the only real guy friend i have. But he doesn't go on my school, so we don't see eachother that often. 


Walking home in the rain, i stopped at the bus stop. I didn’t want to go in the rain anymore, and get even more wet. While i stood there, i saw a figure in the dark. I didn’t think much about it. I drank a little at the party, and it was dark. So it probably wasn’t anything.

I looked away from the figure, and took my headphones out to listen to some music. When i looked back to the figure it was gone. “Heh. I knew it was nothing.” I stood there in some time waiting for my bus.


Finally my bus came. I took out my bus card and headed in. There was no one else in the bus. I thought it was a little obvious at this time.


As i sat in the bus, looking out the window. I saw the weird figure again. But it was just much more clear now. I still couldn't see the face, but i saw something in it’s hand. Looked like an.. Ax.. I quickly looked away. I didn’t really know what i saw. But i knew it wasn’t something I would want to know what was. But i still couldn't help but look back at it. Just a little. But it was gone. I looked after it, but it was nowhere to be seen.




When i came home, there where no one home. My mom and dad, was on a businesstrip. And my sister's home at one of her friends house till they get home. So i had the house for myself. I thought it was pretty nice. No one to disturb me, in my stuff. Or irritate me, with all kind off fuckt up questions.


I went out to the kitchen, to get a snack. I decided to make some popcorn, and watch a scary movie. I was bored soo.. Yeah.


When i finally find a movie i wanted to watch, i turned up the volume and leaned back. “Now this was the life. Just me, some popcorn, and a scary movie. Nothing could ruin this.”

But just as i said that i heard a noise from outside. I turned down the volume, to try to see if it would come again. When i had sat there in some time, with no other sound coming. I started the movie again.


Some time had past. And II was scarred from the movie. “Guess this is what you get from watching a scary movie..” I laughed a little for myself.




The movie was done. “Welp. Time for bed!” I turned the Tv off, and headed for bed. I walked stirred up the stairs to the second floor. There were five doors. And as usual i went in the fourth room. My room. The bed was a mess. I was to lazy to fix it. I turned my night light on and got to the bed. When i got in the bed, i turned the light off. And went to sleep.



In the morning i was still really tired. I almost didn’t get any sleep. I kept dreaming about the figure i saw last night. And the scary movie didn’t help. I got some to eat. Got on the sofa. Turned the Tv on. And fell to sleep.


I heard some noises from the kitchen, and woke up a little. I was still on the sofa, half awake. The sounds kept coming from the kitchen. I sat up and just listened. I tried to get up, but the remote control fell on the ground. It got all quiet in the kitchen. I slowly went to the kitchen. I looked in at the door. But i couldn't explain what i saw…

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