My life line

Digt samling


7. You think

You think I hate you, but I really don’t
You think I don’t care, but I really do
You think she’s way better then you, but I do not see the difference between you two
You think I’m blind, but I see every single movement
You think I don’t cry, but I really do
You think it doesn’t matter, but it really does a lot
You think I’m a bitch, but bitches have feelings
You think I’m not worth it, but I wish I was
You think you are the only one with secrets, but I’m keeping yours and mine
You think the whole world doesn’t care, but there is no world without you
You think you are no one, but you are everyone
You think I do not respect you, but I really do
You think I don’t care about your words, but it’s killing my already broken heart
You think I’m deaf, but I hear everything
You think you are stupid, but you really aren’t
You think you are dump, but you just have to understand
You think I would run away, but I’m here to stay
You think I’m fine without you, but you make me to someone
You think you can’t do better, but you already have done
You think I don’t believe you, but I really do
You think I don’t trust you, but you cared my life
You think there’s no hope left for you, but you are my hope
You think I won’t protect you, but I already had
You think you are a problem, but you are my answer
You think you are angry, but you are just hurt
You think I won’t help, but that’s the only thing I want
You think you are lonely, but I have always been by your side
You think I’m not sorry, but I really am
You think I don’t love you, but that’s the only thing I feel

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