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  • Publiceret: 11 jul. 2016
  • Opdateret: 19 sep. 2016
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Digte og andre meget små ting, både på engelsk og dansk


3. Promising

Where do you go when everything changes,

And nothing is as you thought.

When you get left by your loved ones,

And the ones you needed disappear.


Your mind disgusts me,

Your conscience is non existent.

You have ruined a life,

And yet you’re able to smile.


My bruises aren’t signs of weakness,

They are battle scars.

From the constant forcing powers,

Who keeps destroying me.


When I thought I was building a bridge,

It instantly turned into a pit,

I am caught in a prison,

With the key thrown away.


At first your eyes was promising,

Now they are hardening.

I thought you saved my life,

But instead you just got handed the knife.

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