Shouting Letters

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  • Publiceret: 6 jul. 2016
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''Insecure. It's always mattered more to me what my friends think about me than what I think.''
I hate saying it out loud. That's why I never did.

Rowan Meredith Carpenter. An insecure girl who lives with depression while going through high school. She needs someone, but no one needs her.


3. The girl who knew


''Hi students, my name is Mr. Clark, I'm your new English teacher.'' I look up from looking at my empty desk. I must've been day dreaming. Mr. Clark is a short & brown haired tall man. I'm thinking he must have been in his 30's? A hand reach in the air. It was a blonde guy. ''Yes, Mr.?'' ''Johnson.'' He answer. ''I was thinking..'' He stops and changes what we was about to say, ''.. Can't we learn each others names?'' I can't see his face expression while he's saying it, but I'm pretty sure he thought it was important. He made it sound like it was important. ''Good idea, Johnson.'' Mr. Clark says. And continues, ''Lets start with you, Johnson. Your name?'' ''Charlie Johnson, sir.'' He says. Now I can see his smile as he turn around to look at us. Helena, the girl and me. ''And you..'' Mr. Clark looks at me. ''Me?''  I ask. Mr. Clark nods. ''Rowan Carpenter.'' I do have a middle name too, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't asking for it. It's Meredith. ''And you?'' Mr. Clark switch to Helena. ''Helena Ann Campbell.'' Helena Ann Campbell looks at me. I smile. Mr. Clark points at the girl with his head. There goes like two seconds before she notice. ''Megan Lewis.'' she says. Megan. She does look like a Megan. Almost black hair, the black outfit but the really light skin. Not like, that's what a Megan is supposed to look, but if someone else said her name was Megan, I would've trusted them with no doubt. After the name round, he speaks about what we probably will get to learn this year. The bell rings and my next subject is about 4 minutes away. Down the hall and then left. There is so many people in this hall. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors. Everybody needs to get to class so we are almost trapped in the same spot for half a minute. We finally get out of the big mass of people. Our class is close to each other, just not the same subject, so we get to talk in some minutes. Megan, Helena and I.

''So, it's not your first time in high school?'' Helena asks as she looks at Megan. Megan shakes her head. ''Not my first time being in first year. I didn't pass my classes so here I am. In the freshman year, again.'' We nod understandable, but she can see that we are wondering. ''I'm not dumb, guys. I do not get the greatest grades, but the problem is that I'v been having a bad time lately so I got to make a new start. A better start.'' ''Are you okay now?'' I ask with a little smile. ''Haven't been better.'' She win. Her smile lights up us all. These are the friends I wanted. I really hope we stay with each other. I find my classroom. ''I hope I will see you later guys.'' They both nod. ''Me too.'' Helena says. ''We can meet at lunch? Or do you guys have any plans already?'' Megan asks. ''Nope'' Helena and I say at the same time. We all laugh. ''Then I will see you.'' Megan says. I nod and walk into the classroom. Math. I'm not really into math but it's okay. Of course we need to learn it. The tables and chairs are different from what they look like in English. These are separated. One table per person. I find a free place. Everybody comes to class in some minutes and we start. ''I guess you're all here.'' She says. Mrs. Brown. I met her at the high school tour. She sounds nice. When the class was over, I'm hurrying to lunch. There is so many people. Only seniors did not have lunch at the same time as us. I can't see either Helena nor Megan. I'm thinking Megan knows where everything is, so she's probably already out there with her lunch on a table. Helena? Probably hiding in a corner, just like me. ''Hey, Rowan!'' I look up. It sounded like it came directly in front of me. I look. Megan is sitting at an empty table. Or, not that empty, but Megan is only there. I breath out and walk over to her, fast.

''I thought I would never find you.'' I say. My head is probably all red but a little smile comes out of me. ''Don't worry.'' She says. And continues, ''Grab some food from the cafeteria.'' I nod. I meet Helena on the way up. ''There you are!'' She says. ''Yeah, our table is down there.'' I point at the table with Megan who's waving. ''..But just come with me and take some food.'' I smile. We get our food and goes down to Megan. We start eating something that looks like mac n cheese, but in a grey color. I slowly lick it, yet Megan eats it all under one minute. She's probably used to it 'cause it smell and taste really bad. I'm not that choosy, but this is just.. different. Not far from what we got in middle school, but different. Suddenly Megan says, ''There's this big part at Martins house tonight. I know it's monday but I'm coming so if you want, you can come?'' ''We can?'' Helena asks. ''Martin told me just before the summer break, that I should invite some freshmen.'' Megan answer. ''Martin?'' Helena ask. ''Yeah, he's sitting right..'' Megan is trying to find him. She quickly points behind me. ''There, as always.'' She says. A blonde, nice looking guy. ''Hey, Martin!'' Megan yell. He looks at us. ''Wow.'' Helena says. He blinks. I laugh. ''It's monday, Megan.'' ''Rowan's right. There's school the next day. Besides, we don't know them and I'm definitely not the freshman, he wanted.'' ''Same..'' I say. ''Guys you're perfect for this. It will also be a big chance to not look like a totally nerd.'' Megan says. That made me want to go any less. Just because you don't do partys, does not make you a nerd. ''Do we have to drink?'' Helena ask. She's definitely thinking about going. ''Not if you don't want to.. But, I will help you acting like you do. Is that alright?'' Megan asks. Helena nods slowly with a crooked smile. This is ridiculous. ''So you coming?'' Megan asks Helena. Three seconds have passed and Helena answer, ''I'm coming.'' She smiles as she's saying it. I roll my eyes. ''Rowan?'' They both look at me. ''You coming?'' Megan asks. ''Well.. I guess I have to.'' I say. We laugh. ''It's gonna be fun, guys.'' Megan says. We nod as I'm realizing that this is high school and everything is not what I thought it was. Not even partys.

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