Message to all the Beliebers

Noget vi bliver nød til at gøre, for ikke at miste ham..

*Ikke skrevet af mig, men redigeret af mig. Har omskrevet noget af teksten til mine egne ord og tilføjet noget, men teksten er ikke oprindelig fra mig selv af..


1. We need to stop, or we'll lose him..


Belieber or not, it’s worth to read it all.

I know it's very long, but you have to read it.

Imagine that one day Justin will arrange a big press conference in Atlanta. All television channels, radio stations, newspapers, gossip magazines and all types of media will drop into this press conference.


Imagine, this is a press conference Justin has talked a lot about, and something everyone in the world has been waiting for in a long time.


Imagine that this press conference is something everyone is curious over. When all the paparazzi, TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and gossip magazines have arrived at the place with thousands of Beliebers, Justin comes out.


He sits down on a chair in front of all the cameras and microphones. But not only Justin, with him, comes Scooter Braun, LA Reid, his crew and his family. Anyone who sits in front of the television at home, and the thousands of Beliebers standing in front of Justin at this press conference, can see that Justin has a bag with him.


The bag is huge, purple and there is a picture of Justin on it. Everyone is quiet, and the press conference is starting. Justin gets up from his chair, takes of his sunglasses, and the first thing people see when Justin takes them off is his eyes. His tired, red and swollen eyes. Justin cautiously takes the bag up on a table. He takes out everything that’s in it. His albums, perfumes, books, his movies, and last, but not least, his recording contract.


Imagine that Justin slowly takes up his ‘My World’ album and looks at it. He’s calm. He strokes his hand gently over the album, before he gently lifts his head up and looks at the fans who for once is quiet, with their eyes directly towards him. Worried Beliebers. Curious Beliebers. Justin uses his other hand to wipe away one of the tears that have fallen out of his hazel brown eyes. Finally, he opens his mouth and speaks.


“I remember this album so badly. Like it was yesterday. It's my first album. This is the album that built me up to who and where I am today. This album is the beginning of why I stand here today”


Justin takes a break before he takes a deep breath.


“When I worked on this album.. Not everyone knew who I was. That was a fun time. I loved working with this album, because I knew that after the release of this album, I would start planning my first tour. Those who already were fans of mine at that time, had faith in me and that’s why I got faith in myself as well. Because of them, so thanks to those of you who had faith in me at that time. You made me believe that this could happen”


“And as you can see.. My dream came true. During the first years after the release of the ‘My World’ album. My life was just as I wanted it. My fans voted me up to the top through all the awards. I was nominated for two Grammys. I loved to meet my fans at M&G and randomly on the streets. My fans were perfect. Our bond was amazing. They were exactly as I wanted them to be. Supportive, understanding and wonderful.”


Imagine Justin smiling slightly as he speaks about this time. Imagine that it looks like he’s in his own world. Imaging that he was back at that time again and enjoying how it was back then.


“But the older I got, the more time went by. Suddenly everything changed. I don’t know what happened? But I changed my hair hairstyle at lot. I got more tattoos. I dated a lot of girls and even had a long time relationship. It might have been a bit bumpy, but I feel in love with this girl. I hang out with new people. I tried some new genres, which changed my music style. I did some things that might seem bad in some eyes, but made me older. I was doing more adult things.. Like drinking alcohol, and so on. All of these things made me more grown up. I knew I would lose some fans, but I didn’t care, because I didn’t want my fans. I want my Beliebers. I knew my true Beliebers would always be here.. However.. I'm not so sure about that anymore..”


“My Beliebers always watching over me. They always focus on all my negative sides, just like the media. They're fighting 24/7. Everybody expected so much more of me. So much more that I can’t give them. And what should I do about it? I’m just me, Justin Bieber. A 21 year old kid from Canada, and I’m a normal human being. I grow up. I’m changing.”


Imagine Justin talking desperately out to the media. Just imagine his pain shinning through him. Making all of the Beliebers release what he has been hiding behind that fake smile his has been putting on all the time.


“My own Beliebers hates my girlfriends. My Beliebers focus on everything else, that they should focus on. I understand that Beliebers will know everything about me, I’m in the spotlight all the time, so I know they would eventually know almost everything. But the thing is.. I don’t want the whole world to know everything about me. I love my Beliebers, because without them I wouldn’t have been where I am today, and have been for all these years..”


Imagine that Justin takes up his contracts from his purple bag. He holds it up in front of all the cameras. Making everyone anxious for what’s coming up next.


“But I'm tired. I've had enough of this life. I feel like I'm not good enough anymore. I feel like I'm losing everyone around me. I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone. I can’t handle this life anymore. It’s been hard to keep the eyelids open through the last past months. Everything I do disappoint my Beliebers. Disappoints everyone. I’m sorry, but I just can’t be the one that I used to be in 2008, where all of this started.. I’m growing up”


“Beliebers.. I'm very grateful for the first years were everything was perfect. How we smashed all of the other nominees to award shows. When all of my hit songs were on the top on iTunes. When you focused on my music and just about the music. But exhausted. I have been going around for several months and thought that everything would get better by time. But no, that's not how it is. I got disappoint every time, and I’m just tired of feeling like this. I'm sorry Beliebers, but I just can’t do this anymore..”


Imagine that Justin takes a hard grip on the contract with both hand, and tears it into pieces. Tears down his cheeks. His crew in the background just sits and looks at him, because they know how he has been feeling about this, and just had to support his decision. Beliebers are crying. The media is shocked.


“Everything started here in Atlanta, and it's also where I’m going to end everything”


Justin turns around, and leaves the place and within seconds he's gone. And this time it’s for good..


All of the Beliebers out there – Don’t you see what’s happening?


If we continue as we do, all of this will not only be something I wrote, it will all be happening. We will end up seeing Justin standing in front of us all, letting go of the mic for one last time. We say that Justin lost a lot of Beliebers, but what’s the truth? The truth is that the Beliebers lost Justin. The Beliebers, we are always too nosey. We treated Justin like crap. We focused to much on everything we shouldn’t have focused on. We’re destroying Justin this way. We need to sharpen up, Beliebers!


If we want to keep Justin as an artist, idol, icon, hero etc. Of our life’s, we all need to STOP. Stop caring about what we shouldn’t stick our noses into. Our job is to vote for Justin at award shows, link to his videos, watch his videos, buy his music, go to his concerts, write supportive things on his social media and show everyone in the world that Justin is the best. Show the world what we fell in love with and why we want to support this amazing human being.


We will show the world that Justin is a unique artist. We will show the world that Beliebers are extreme fans, we shouldn’t highlight us as crazy, over driving and dramatic fans. The smile of our boy disappears every day, and it feels like Justin is disappearing too.


To stop this, and get the happy Justin back, is it important that we all spread this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all of the other social medias that there is out there. So we get this out there to everyone, so everyone understands that Beliebers all around the world needs to sharpen up. And to remember that it's not Justin who loses the Beliebers if we keep on doing these things, it's the Beliebers who loses Justin.


Open your eyes!

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