"She is like the moon
a part of her is always hidden away"

- Til Luna, til mor, menneskerne i mit liv, følelser, livet


2. Dope

Why did you do it?

can't you see what you're doing to yourself?

you're once vibrant face, is slowly fading away

You don't realise that everybody cares

the only thing you see is the deadly thing in your hand

you're slowly destroying yourself, extinguishing your light

but you don't care, you just want to forget

When you look in the mirror

all you see is flaws

barely holding on, your tears fall

but you smile anyway, making people believe it when you say

"I'm okay"

You always say "don't worry honey, i'm stopping after this last one"

but you never do

I've gotten afraid to keep holding on to hope

because in the end you always lose yourself in your dope

Do you even love me?

or have you stopped caring for me also?

when you see how it's affecting me?

how can you keep doing everything so carelessly?

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