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  • Publiceret: 30 apr. 2016
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Violet Gold, a girl only 19 years old, who had a dream about becoming a designer.
One day she came to a big clothing company and worked there. There she met the chef's son Mason Andy Olson. They fell and love and everything were good, until Violet got anorexia and became depressed. Mason then got her into a hospital and left, all alone with no one. But 2 years later he came back for.


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New York hospital, hospital room, Friday 18th June 2014

”Violet look into my eyes.”, he said staring straight into my eyes.

I nodded disappointed “You can’t do this to me!” I screamed into his face, “You can’t just leave me, when I need you the most!” I screamed again. I was angry.

“Yes I can, I just can’t do this anymore. You are too sick and I can’t just watch you die right in front me.” he said calm. “Oh no! You are going remember this to you’ll die! I will never forget this!” I screamed, he then left me all alone in the white hospital room without nothing and no one.

2 years later

New York hospital, hospital room Wednesday 14th December 2016

I still remember every detail about him, every memory with him, before he left me I was happy. But now everything about hurts me, the memories are the worst.

Today I was going to go home with Mason, he didn’t leave. He just didn’t came back in 2 years, hoping I was going to get better.


He paid the hospital to have me here, he is really rich. He actually has his own clothing company right here in New York. The clothing company is really big.

I was a designer when I met him, I came to work for his father before he died.

At that time I only were 19 years old and he were 20.

One day he came to the designer studio and wanted to talk about some clothes to a party. We then just began talking and texting together and then he just asked me.

He later became my boyfriend and by time, all went really well!


But anyway, right now I was in my bed looking around in the boring white hospital room.

A nurse later came in “So Violet, you are going to go home today. But first I have some things you have to remember. Alright?” she said and looked at me serious, I just nodded and looked away, “First you have to eat at least 2000 calories every, lots of vegetables and fruits. Remember to drink lots of water and don’t starve yourself or throw up again. Now we just have to wait for your boyfriend to sign this.” She said and looked down at some white paper.

Just a moment after the door opened and in came Mason smiling. “Well here he is!” She said and smiled to Mason, she gave him the paper and he signed it. “You can take home, but first I have to talk to you Mason.” And then she left the room, waiting outside the door.

I didn’t want to be alone with Mason, he came over to the bed and sat down on the chair beside. I looked away, I couldn’t look him into his eyes again.

“Violet..” he said quiet, “I missed you, but we have to go home now.” He stood up and looked down at me “I will be right back.” He said and went outside the door.



Hejsa! Jeg håber vi virkelig i kan lide historien indtil videre, jeg synes selv den er okay god. Men i må altså virkelig undskylde vis der komma, punktum og stavefejl. Jeg er ret så ny til at lave sådan nogle historier især på engelsk, men jeg synes bare alting lyder bedre på engelsk :)

- Julia <3





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