Alle De Ord Jeg Aldrig Fik Sagt

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  • Publiceret: 28 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 6 sep. 2016
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Blandede danske og engelske digte. De betyder meget for mig, så jeg ville elske, hvis i ville kommentere hvad i synes. :)


12. Dragons

Dragons - 21. August 2016


We are not incaged or bound

Yet we can not fly

Made from clay

Those fragile bones

Drab and dreary scales

We are mighty creatures

Fallen from the sky

Hollow bodies filled with fire

We burned those who got to close

We are the only ones in this deserted place


Our words like sparks

Lighting op the sky like golden fireworks

Our sentences like hungering flames

Destructive and passionate

Our wings can not be bound

We can never be incaged

Yet they try to catch us

Haven’t they noticed, we breathe fire

We are not birds hunting

We are peculiar dragons


The ground surrounding us is scorched

By the fire we spat at those who reached out

Afraid of beatings

we did the only thing we could

We burned everything to the ground

And descended upon the sky

With broken and scarred wings

Now we regret our actions

But if we returned, everything would burn again.

That is why we live in a place like this

Where no one can find us



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