Alle De Ord Jeg Aldrig Fik Sagt

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  • Publiceret: 28 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 6 sep. 2016
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Blandede danske og engelske digte. De betyder meget for mig, så jeg ville elske, hvis i ville kommentere hvad i synes. :)


1. Broken


Broken - 2016 Apr.


tears not an answer, only more questions

she will fail and fill the void with corrections

so please forgive her, she is Broken

forget the hurt and the words that were spoken

she sees in a strange way, all the right is a blur

she does not understand, were not raised as you were


is it preposterous to hope, she’ll be able to tell

that the shy girl once was dragged through hell

will they stay by her side and back her up

take her hand, when all she want is to say stop

maybe then, they’ll understand what she said

and why she cry every night in her bed


from the depths of my heart, i pour my hope

that she will be alright and avoid to elope

because i trust in her and i’ll stay by her side

with only a frail hope that she won’t collide

with the dark and the light, and the painful past

that she will stand tall, and be well at last




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