Alle De Ord Jeg Aldrig Fik Sagt

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  • Publiceret: 28 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 6 sep. 2016
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Blandede danske og engelske digte. De betyder meget for mig, så jeg ville elske, hvis i ville kommentere hvad i synes. :)


11. Behind My Mask


Behind My Mask - 30. Maj 2016


At first the only thing you knew was my name

But you came to know more about me, as i rose to fame

And you think that now you know it all

All the details, even the small

But don’t you see

It’s by being an actress

By lying, you might say

Making it through another day

You think that, when I smile

It’s genuine every time

But often it’s fake

I don’t always smile like this off camera

Often I cry

Because my heart feels so heavy sometimes

And it feels like too much to bear

Still, you might not understand

How would you, when I’m this vague about, what I mean

I’m telling you that

Behind The Mask there’s a girl who cried, cries and will cry.

For a long time, maybe forever.

Because the mask may be pretty

But Behind The Mask it’s not.

Gruesome scars covers the skin, that should have been clean and clear

Reminding me of the battles i fear







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