Mørkegrøn Neglelak

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  • Publiceret: 23 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 2 feb. 2017
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I barely remember that day, the day I met her.
The day where everything changed.
The day, I was wearing dark green nail polish.

- This is a poetry collection with short poems about or inspired by HER and our story.


5. That lie

I need you so bad right now.

Why did I ever think,

that it was a good idea to tell you that lie?

That lie, I told you over and over again.

So you would shut up.

So you would be able to leave me.

That lie, that made it possible for you to leave me.

That lie, that I needed to tell you,

for your own sake.

Because I'm bad for you.

I'm not good enough for you,

not even close to be.

But without you,

I'm nothing.

I thought,

I could handle it all on my own.

But now it's all gotten even worse.

Why did I ever let you go?

Why did I ever tell you that l...

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