Mørkegrøn Neglelak

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  • Publiceret: 23 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 2 feb. 2017
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I barely remember that day, the day I met her.
The day where everything changed.
The day, I was wearing dark green nail polish.

- This is a poetry collection with short poems about or inspired by HER and our story.


2. Fighting to touch you

Everything I see,

every second,

every minute,

every hour of the day,

reminds me of you.

Reminds me that you make me feel complete,

make me feel accepted,

make me feel worth something.

To love a person that your eyes have not seen,

ears have not heard,

body have not touched,

but heart have beaten for,

is both terrifying and wonderful.

Right now I’m at the bottom of my life,

I feel like I’m drowning in misery.

But when I’m talking to you,

I feel like I’m in the sky... flying.

I’m a cold person,

I have been hurt,

I have been on the edge and tried to jump,

I have fought battles against myself,

and I’m still fighting.

But the battle of my life

is to win your heart.

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