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  • Publiceret: 5 mar. 2016
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His deep mysterious dark brown eyes hid secrets beyond my imagination . His breath smelt like mint mixed with smoke. He was hot, like really hot and that's what made him so god damn dangerous.

OBS: Tusind tak til mia7359 for det fantastiske cover.


10. Kapitel 9

As soon as I got home, I threw myself on the couch.

“Not tell what you found out?” I asked Matt, still lying on the couch. He sighed and sat down at the tip of the couch so he wouldn’t sit on me. “I called Victoria” He said hesitant and I raised my eyebrow. Come on boy, cut to chase please. “She has never of someone who is stronger than a vampire, but not supernatural and with yellow eyes.. So are you sure he isn’t a werewolf or something?” He asked and I nodded “Positive.”


“She knows nothing but I did a little digging and I found a little town not far from here, that has books on where to find what you came here for. If we drive up there during the week, you can find what you came for and then leave town” Matt said sadly. He didn’t want me to leave and either did I. “I don’t wanna leave this town” I said determined and looked into Matt's eyes. “I’m not gonna let that asshole get what he wants, i’m going to stay and find out what he is… But the whole book thing sounds nice, can we drive up there later?” I asked and Matt just nodded. “I’m really tired so, I’ll go to bed can you wake me up in a few hours” I asked and again he just nodded. He’s acting really weird.

“Okay spill it, what's going on?” I commanded and crossed my arm over my chest. Matt suddenly smiled and said “I can’t tell you, it's a secret for now.” I looked at him with the best puppy eyes I could make and begged “Come on Matt, what is it.” He just laughed secretive and I sighted annoyed. I went upstairs and fell asleep as soon as the back of my head hit the pillow. I woke up at like 2 pm with the craziest thirst so I had to run down in the basement to get a blood bag. “Elena are you up?” I heard Matt yell from upstairs, so I ran (in vampire speed oblivious) upstairs and pettet Matt on the shoulder. He gasped and turned around, I had of course given him a major shock and got the meanest eyes from him. I laughed and asked if we were going now and he answered “Yeah I just have to get my wallet, just go sit in the car.” I did as he said and trust me, that doesn’t happen often. Finally Matt got his fat ass out in the car and we drove in silence. Well he did try to talk to me, but I was all caught up in social media world.. Typical me. I had been so busy that I haven’t had time to check social media for days, can you imagine how much I’ve missed? Well let me tell you.. TOO MUCH! I hate not being updated on what's going on in people's lives.

“We’re here” Matt said and got out of the car and so did I. This place is so creepy and I could feel the chills sneaking up on me. I couldn’t shake off that feeling of someone watching me. I hurried after Matt, looking behind me every five seconds. We went through the door and ended up in a weird room, that smelled like old people. An old lady with wrinkles around her eyes stood behind the desk smiling at us.

“We are here for the book?” I’m Matt we spoke over the phone” Matt said and shaked the lady’s hand quickly, before she handed him a big book. While he was talking to the weird lady I looked outside in fear. Outside I saw Justin staring at me with his normal, cute brown eyes. He made a since telling me to come outside alone and I nodded. I might as well get it over with right?

“Are you ready?” Matt asked and handed me the book.

“I think i’ll go hunting, but take the book with you home” I lied, hoping that he wouldn’t see right through me. He just nodded confused and took the book back before he went out and drove away. I waited a few minutes while I was trying to find my courage, but I couldn’t handle the burning look from the old lady so I took a deep Breath and went outside.


Endnu et kapitel, yay! Der kommer et igen i morgen :)

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