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  • Publiceret: 5 mar. 2016
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His deep mysterious dark brown eyes hid secrets beyond my imagination . His breath smelt like mint mixed with smoke. He was hot, like really hot and that's what made him so god damn dangerous.

OBS: Tusind tak til mia7359 for det fantastiske cover.


7. Kapitel 6

“Matt i’m leaving” I yelled and smacked the door behind me. Going to school again, it was thursday, I started at the school yesterday and today I had to find out more about that boy. Wow I sound like i’m some stalker freak obsessed with him.. Okay let’s be honest, I am a stalker freak obsessed with him. I pushed the doors to the school open and right there were my friends. Thank god, I still don’t have any idea how to find my classes.

“Hey” I greeted them and they all replied “Hey”. The others kept talking about something that had happened the week before, but I didn’t really pay any attention. I wasn’t there, so I couldn’t really comment on it. It was awkward, I just walked in silence beside the others like a loner, fortunately Mason noticed. He smiled at me asking “What do you think?” I must have looked funny cause they all laughed. “Øhm about what?” I asked stupid and smile awkwardly. “Last week a senior confronted one of the bad boys and he hasn’t been seen since, rumor has it that the guys killed him. Fake og not fake?” Michelle explained. I thought about for a second, I didn’t believe that they had killed him, maybe they are bad but they weren’t murderers. “Fake, maybe they have treated him and told him to leave town” I said, they definitely didn’t seem like killers. They just nodded and started talking again. Mason threw his arm around me and I looked up at him to smile. Mason had been really nice to me and I could easily say that he was amazing, without him I wouldn’t survive a year at this school.

“You just go, I have to find my locker,” I said and stopped. Mason removed his arm and said “I’ll go with you.” I laughed but shaked my head “There's no need, I can find it on my own.” I walked down the hall, looking down at the floor. Suddenly I fell on my ass, I looked up and stared into some really annoyed eyes. “Can’t you watch where you're going idiot? Stupid freshman ” He said and glared at me with his big brown mysterious eyes filled with ignorance. “Well sorry, someone is obviously having a bad day huh? By the way i’m a junior.. Asshole” I snapped and got up brushing the dirt off my butt. Surprisingly he pushed me against a locker and I could feel his breath on my lips. I tried to push him away, but then I froze. How could he be so strong? That's not natural, i’m stronger than the strongest human on earth. I stared at him, right in the eyes and gasped, for a second his eyes turned bright yellow. His face filled up with confusion, but then changed back to anger, even more hate and anger then before. “Don’t ever call me that again” he whispered in my ear and i’m not even kidding when I say, that I thought he was going to kiss me for a second, that’s how close his lips were to mine. I just nodded and he let go off me, before I could even blink he was gone. I’m telling you, there is something wrong with that boy. I continued my day like nothing had happened and I obliviously didn’t tell the others about what had happened, they would just freak out. But on the other I was freaking out! I’ve never met anyone like him. I had observed the boy all day and we’d made had eye contact to many times. In the cafeteria I had asked Michelle what his name was and she just whispered “His name is Justin Moore and the other 3 are James Walker, Brad Willson and Chad Brown.” I was so gonna google the names when I got home. The day felt like an eternity and I couldn’t keep my eyes open in last period. After school i drove straight home, I had to talk to Matt.

“Matt! Get your lazy ass downstairs” I yelled and laid my bag on a little chair. Matt came down looking a bit confused, he had properly been sleeping. “Something weird happened today” I started and started telling him about how Justin had been stronger than me and how his eyes changed color for a second. Matt looked extremely worried and said seriously “I’ll look into it, but until i know some more, promise me that you won't go near him.”

Not going near him wasn’t a problem, he didn’t turn up for school the next day, but that just worried me.

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