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  • Publiceret: 5 mar. 2016
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His deep mysterious dark brown eyes hid secrets beyond my imagination . His breath smelt like mint mixed with smoke. He was hot, like really hot and that's what made him so god damn dangerous.

OBS: Tusind tak til mia7359 for det fantastiske cover.


4. Kapitel 3

Remember how Mason and I was supposed to get lunch during break? Okay good, well I was walking towards a free table and Mason suddenly changes directions and we ended up at a table with his friends. It was sooo  awkward. One good thing came out of it tho, I meet a new girl, or she wasn't really new. I apparently sit next to her in history. Her name is Michelle and she is 17 years old. She’s really nice and I’ve come to think that I might actually like this school. I also met a guy named Jess and another girl named Courtney. They were all really nice and I think I’ve found myself a squad! I could hear the doors to the cafeteria go up and instantly I shivert. I turned around on my chair and nearly fell off in surprise. He walked in with his crew - gang call it whatever you want. I could smell his blood, it attracted me like nothing else. God he was beautiful, in his one hand he held a cigaret and i could tell he was respected. Everyone moved quickly so he and his friends could pass. The smoke from the cigaret flew out of his nose with elegance. Without taking my eyes of him I asked “who are they?” They all laughed and I smiled still without taking my eyes of that young man across the room.

“That’s school gang. The bad boys, you do not want to want to get involved with them” Courtney said.

“Every single girl on this school have had a crush on them, but don’t let them foul you. They don't care about anyone or anything. “ Jess said.

“Don’t go near them okay Elena? Promise me you won’t their dangerous” Mason warned me and I just nodded. I had lost my breath and the others seemed to notice. They all laughed again, apparently every girl is attracted to the boys. I released my eyes from the boys and turned around, being greeted with a cute smile from Mason. After the last class I was finally ready to go hóme, it has been a long day. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day, there is something about him and when I asked Michelle she just said that, that it’s just how he affects people. It was something more, something deeper, but right now I had to focus on finding what I came to this stupid city for. Tired I just threw my bag on the floor, so I could jump on my bed. Currently i’m living with my friend Matt, he’s 22 years old, a witch. Vampires and witches don’t get along very well, but Matt and me were like siblings.

“Matt!!” I screamed impatient, bearing my head in my pillow. Matt comes in with a blood bag, throwing it at the back of my head. I turn around, rolling my eyes.

“Asshole,” I mumble and throw my other pillow after him. He just laugh provocative and send me one of his usually cheeky smiles. While drinking I couldn’t help thinking about that boy at school, who was he?

In vampire speed i run downstairs to find Matt sitting on the couch with a book.

“Hey nerd” I laugh and he rolls his eyes. “I'm bored, entertain me.”

“No, entertain yourself,” he said not removing his eyes from the pages.  He is so goddamn boring. Upstairs I could hear the well known sound from my phone. Who the hell is calling me at this time of the night. I sprint upstairs to answer “Hello?”

“Hello Elena, it's me Mason I hope your not mad, but I took the liberty of taking your number from your phone.” I laughed “It’s fine Mason, what's up?”

“The others and I was wondering, would you like to go camping with us this weekend?” He asked. “Sure I’d love to, I just have to check with my...øh brother to see if it's alright” I said.

“Great! See you tomorrow.” He hung up quickly.

“Who was it?” Matt asked when i got downstairs again. “It was just Mason” I said and Matt raised his eyebrow asking. I had forgot to tell him about the ones at school. Haha fail, so I just started telling him about my day, how people were nice and had asked me to go camping with them. I also told him about the boy and what weird influence he had one me.   

“It was so weird, it was like my entire body was screaming after him, his blood” I tried to explain  “it was more than just thirst.”

“Yeah you're right that’s weird” Matt agreed thoughtfully.  

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