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  • Publiceret: 5 mar. 2016
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His deep mysterious dark brown eyes hid secrets beyond my imagination . His breath smelt like mint mixed with smoke. He was hot, like really hot and that's what made him so god damn dangerous.

OBS: Tusind tak til mia7359 for det fantastiske cover.


12. Kapitel 11

I had wondered where Liam went, when he didn’t come back after going to the toilet. I figured he just waited until school was over. Now I was walking to class alone, because I was the only one who had pe (physical education) as an optional lesson. Then I heard someone walking behind me and I had no doubts about who it was. I sighed and turned around “What do want now?” He took a deep breath and said “ I can’t have your little supernatural buddies running around in town, we can’t allow that.” So I was right, the other were hunters as well.  “It’s just Liam, he won’t hurt anyone” I said. I felt a lot more comfortable knowing that he couldn’t kill me in the school halls.  Turned around to leave, so I wouldn’t be late to class but he grabbed my arm. “Listen you little brat! i’m trying not to get you killed, but this is my town and I’m supposed to protect it” He said very threatening and I would properly have pissed my pants if we were alone, but we weren’t so I was safe. “I’m only gonna say this once so listen carefully boy. I’m not leaving, I have friends and life here okay? So you better get used to me hanging around” I snapped and pull my arm out of his grip. Yesterday I had drinked so many blood bags with human blood that I had gotten all my strength back. Victoria had not only filled a few blood bags with human blood, she had filled like 100 with animal blood, but the problem was that animal blood weakness doesn’t give me the strength I need. He grabbed my arm again and pulled me into the janitor's room. There was only a little desk and the a lot of cleaning supplies. I probably could have escaped his grip but his move took me by surprise. He almost threw me in the room and locked the door. Now we stood face to face, not talking at all, just staring. Eventually I was the one to break the silence. “I’m late for class so i’m just gonna go” I said and walked towards the door but he stood in my way. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn” He sighted and pushed me away from the door. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” I snapped and pushed the touch of fear i felt away. “I don't know!” He yelled and frightened I took a couple of steps back. “I’ve been watching you for over a month, trying to kill you ever since you got here, but I just can’t make myself do it” He continued. I wasn’t surprised that he had watched me for over a month, I had felt like I was being watched all the time. Even at night.. who the stalker now huh?! Oh my god he is so cute and the fact that he needs to kill me just makes him more attractive. Don’t ask why, I don’t understand it either, i’m probably just weird. “Then don’t. Just don’t kill me We can live side by side not talking to each other. We would be like strangers” I tried but he cut me off. “ I can’t. I have a duty and the guys are very good at reminding me about it. Besides why shouldn’t I kill you, you’re just like everyone else. A monster, a vampire” He snapped but I couldn’t help feel that the anger was more pinned on him self. He looked so good standing there in his jeans, with the white t-shirt and leather jacket. Oh fuck it, you only live once right? I literally jumped forward and kissed him. It was like an explosion of lust and anger and something else I couldn’t point my finger at. His hands grabbed my hips with such strength that I gasped. My hands was all over his body, first his neck, hair then under the shirt going up and down over his six pack.He motioned me to jump so I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him. He carried me over to the desk and soon I felt my back hit the cold wooden surface. I sad up and got his jacket off. Then he pulled my shirt over my head so I sat in my bra. I was so eager that I ripped his shirt off, like literally I tore his shirt in half, but it didn’t seem to annoy him. Right when I was about to open his pants the door went up and in came the janitor. I blushed and hid my head in Justin's shoulder. The janitor stared at us, completely unaware of what to do. Then he came to himself and yelled “Get out of here you little brat! You should be ashamed of yourself!” I jumped of the desk and picked up my shirt before running out of in hall with Justin right behind me. We should never have done that. People were staring like crazy and in the corner I saw Luke, Mason and the others laugh their ass off. Were we really in there for hours? Embarrassed I pulled my shirt back on and Justin laughed. He couldn’t get his shirt on because I had ruined it. Justin's friends stared at us in disbelief, they were oblivious not happy. People definitely thought we had sex, but we didn’t get that far.. Unfortunately. Could this get anymore awkward, I mean this is so embarrassing!

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