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  • Publiceret: 5 mar. 2016
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His deep mysterious dark brown eyes hid secrets beyond my imagination . His breath smelt like mint mixed with smoke. He was hot, like really hot and that's what made him so god damn dangerous.

OBS: Tusind tak til mia7359 for det fantastiske cover.


2. Kapitel 1 - forsmag

I could feel the thick substance gliding down my throat. I had been waiting for this, in almost 3 days. I couldn’t help throwing my head up in pleasure. My fangs glided out a little further, I was so thirsty.


“Elena, don’t drink it all. You need to save the rest.” I looked back at the voice, speaking to me.

“Can’t we just find another one? I’m really hungry, I haven’t eaten probably for weeks” I complained and looked back at the bleeding man.

“You have to learn to control it Elena, otherwise you’ll never get through this” Victoria said. She was always in complete control, I envied that about her. Well of course she is like what? 5-600 years old, and have had a lot of practise. I on the other hand, is only about 117 years old, quite young for a vampire. Hesitant I let go of my “victim” as Victoria likes to call them. She lives on animal blood, I not really a big fan of that.

“I’ll go fill up some blood bags for you. Well as many as possible, you’ve almost emptied him,” she said and looking judgmentally on me. I just nodded and started wiping away all of the blood from my face. Just let me explain. I’m going to start high school tomorrow, I’ve never finished high school course i was feed and bitten by a vampire, so i couldn't really be around all of those people. So yeah I’m starting tomorrow and while I’m there, I have to find something rather important. Victoria had been collecting blood for weeks, so that I would have enough in stock for a few months. I can’t go hunting very often, because I’m going to a town that is very aware of vampires. Maybe it’s totally stupid and I’d probably should have picked another town to save myself from a lot of trouble, but what can I say? I like a little challenge.

Well, would this be something you would be interested in reading? Also would you rather have that this became a fanfic with Justin Bieber or nah?

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