Cristiano Ronaldo's "Best Friend"


1. Cristiano Ronaldo's "Best Friend"

Cristiano Ronaldo's “friend”


I was in a vacation in Madrid. It was only me, who was on vacation. Then one day I decided to go to the beach, because I've herd it was a lovely beach.
When I came to the beach, I saw Cristiano Ronaldo, and there was a huge amount of people around him. I could see that he thought it it's annoying with all the people around him. So i Got all the people away from him, and then he got happy. He asked me if I would like to visit him tomorrow, and have a drink...
I said “yes, I would love to visit you tomorrow”
“You can come to my house, at 12 am”, he said
“I will be there, I said”
Then I got the idea. I would try to take his money, and then run away, with a lot of his money's! So, I figured out a plan, how to take his money. I thought I would just play so nicely, and get him, to like me. Then will I wait, for him to invite me over, another time. And then will I start “searching” for his money. I would say to him, that I have to go to the bathroom, and then will I check out the house.

Next day at 11 o clock, I took my car and started driving to Cristiano Ronaldo's home. I was at his home 11:55, so the timing was perfect. Then he invited me in, I I walked in. He asked me if I would like to have something to drink?
I said, yes. A cola, please.
Then he found a cola for me, and a Sprite for himself.
Then he said to me, thank you for getting all the people away from me yesterday. They were so annoying, and they all just wanted to take pictures and get my autograph...
I said, that's very understandable, but it is because you are so famous! You are the best football player in the world, and many people are “looking up to you”.
And a lot of people would like to be like you. You are so good to football, and you are rich. S

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