Down the hall of Darkness


10. 10.

So i guess it´s over.

There´s nothing left to say.

I just want to go home

and just call it a day.

Thought we had forever.

But that was yesterday.

You´re such a liar.

I wished i had saw it before than now.

But you did it so well.


Can somebody tell me how you did??

How can I remember to forget?

I wished I could hate you, but you were to one who made me to ME.


I know all the reason, way you left, but I just can´t believe them.

And I can never pretend we never met.

Because you were an important chapter in my life book.


I wished you were joking. That it was just a dream I had last night but i know it was real because Im wide awake and I have a feeling like i miss something important like you.

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