Better Known - HS - NH

2 girls and 4 boys.. how will it end?!

Four sick love and horny boys takes over the city and the two girls... What is going the fuck on?!


2. Day 1.

- What a sick day! Let's drink!-




Going to the bar is normal when you had a shitty day.. Isn't it? I usually do it. When im down or bored.. I meet new friends and drink to i puke all over the floor... That's fun.

Well.. I was sitting at the bar, with Mikkeline by my side. College was finally over and I could look forward to a new starts on a new life, get a job and maybe get a boyfriend? Hmm.. I hope me and Mikkeline will get time to each other, i cant think of a life without... Wow... That's a babe, Oh my god... A guy walked passed me and smiled at me.


His hair was blond, colored from brown, his eyes was blue, he was tall and his smile was perfect. ''HEY!'' he yelled and our eyes met. ''HEY!'' i smiled and yelled back. I stod up and his eyes drove up and down my body and a smile more popped up on his lips. ''Do you wanna dance?'' he asked and I answered with a nod. He took my hand and pulled me out on the dance-floor, he smiles as a song started and he started to dance... I wasn't drunk.. Not real drunk.. Not Like usually.. He was cute.





Hey! I hope you like the story for now.. comment what you think! :D

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