Hurtful Words.

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  • Publiceret: 8 nov. 2015
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Hurtful Words!

Danske og engelske tekster.

Danish And English sentences.


4. Battle Scars.



I'm Sure I'm Not The Only One With Battle Scars!

But Then Still, I Haven't Meet AnyOne With The Same Ones.

I've Been Fighting Since My Age Said 10. 

Kept It As A Secret, Not To Hurt Anybody.

Until! Its Was To Much! 

When The Age Said 13, 

It Said Stop!

Stop Fighting At Your Own,

Especially When You Have That Amazing Family.

Get Help. 

Don't Hold It Back.

You Saw What Happen With Your Sister!

Do You Wanna End Like Her?

No! Never!

I Will Live,

My Life,

Without Crying,


And Hiding Every day!

I Will Fight!

I Will Be The Person My Sister Always Dreamt To Be!!


Don't Give up your dreams! Cause i did! And now! I will always have those Scars! From the cuts in the skin, from tears on my cheeks and the deep scars in my heart and soul. And i still hesitating, Because, i i'm not sure if i can push the thoughs away anymore.

So pls! Live Your Life! And follow your dreams! Or else, you will end like me! And trust me! You don't want that! Promise me not to be as stupid as i was!

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