There's nothing wrong with me

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  • Publiceret: 17 okt. 2015
  • Opdateret: 24 nov. 2015
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*Der vil være halvt dansk og halv engelsk*


3. :(

oh. so i cut for attention? okay, then tell my why i use so much energy to keep it a secret?


Mandag d. 19 oktober 


​Have you ever woke up, and wanted to end it up? You know.. kill yourself? have you ever  thought that everything would be better if you were dead. Cause i think that a lot. Every single second through the day. I am counting down to the day my heart will stop beating. I can't wait 'til the day the pain will go away. because there is so much of it, and my ways to deal with it are destroying me. i can't do this anymore. I just wanna feel love, i wanna feel your arms around me, kissing me and telling me how everything is gonna be okay. But it's not. Cause only pretty girls get friend and boyfriends like that. i'm not a worthy of love. I don't deserve it. I feel so bad, and i think I'm sick. why can't i just be one of those smiley girls with all those friends around, and all the attention from guys. Why do i have to be the girl alone in the corner, the girl who cries herself to sleep every night, the girl who constantly have to hide her arms because theres 1000 scars on them. why do i have to be the girl who is losing everything she loves? everything would be better dead, than alive. 


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