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I love you and I mean it
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1. Love, Hailey



Michael put down his bag on the floor in the hallway, “I’m home” his three younger siblings came running down the stairs. “Mikey Mikey Mikey” they came running into his arms, and got a big hug. He continued, out to the kitchen, where his mum was making dinner. Mum turned around and smiled to Michael, “Hey you, how was school?” Mum asked, Michael kissed her cheek, mum smiled “Good, but not as fun if Hailey was there” Mum’s smiled faded and Michael noticed it, that her smile disappeared. “What’s wrong mum? Does it have anything to do with Hailey?” She nodded “Then what is it! I-I -I need to kn-“

“She’s dead Michael, she killed herself” Mum cut him off softly and looked down on the floor; tears started to run down his cheek. Michael wouldn’t believe it, “I’m sorry honey” mum said, he shook his head and walked to his room with wet cheeks.

Hailey had taken an overdose of her pills for depression. Her aunt wasn’t home, she was surely with some men she just met as always. It was hard for Hailey to live even if she tried harder than ever, last in the end; she couldn’t take it anymore. The school, the depression from her parents’ death and the love of her life she couldn’t get. She wasn’t a straight A-student but most of them were A’s, she was one of the best students on Chatswood High, some of the teachers had high expectation for her. She was only ten when her parents died, after her fifthteen year’s birthday; she began to be depressed because of the death from the parents. All the teen faction she read on wattpad, mostly of them had a happy ending. She wanted that, every girl in the stories got their crush. She wanted a boy that would love her for who she was. There’s only one boy who could do that, it’s Michael.


Three hours later, Michael was on the way to Hailey’s house. There wasn’t a car in the driveway, so her aunt wasn’t home, he walked up to the door and locked himself in with the key he got from Hailey. The door was always closed, so he got a key to lock himself in when he came to visit Hailey. He walked upstairs to Hailey’s room, the door creaking when he opened it. All the memories were rushing to him as he looked around. Michael walked over to the bed, looked at the pictures over the bed, he smiled to himself. He set on the edge of Hailey’s bed and looked right over to her desk; on the desk, there was a paper. Michael raised his one eyebrow, as he walked over. When he was near enough to see, it was not just a paper, it was a letter… That handwriting, he could recognise it… it was Hailey’ handwriting.

To mikey J

p.s. if you are not Michael Gordon Clifford you CANNOT open it. (Have a nice dayJ)

Michael grinned a little, as he opened the letter, the same handwriting as before. He walked back to the bed and sat down to get comfort as Michael began to read the letter.





Hey Mikey

I think you want some answers, mostly why… I don’t want you to think that you didn’t help me, because you did, actually a lot. Firstly, it’s not your fault I’m gone, it’s everyone else’s. I want you to think of the happy memories we have together. When we helped each other, my parents died, when we were ten; you helped me through it with sleepovers, pillow castles, and movie nights until midnight, everything I needed to get over it and I’m not over it jet. Remember the first time I got my period? We were both fourteen, I called you because my aunt wasn’t home and she doesn’t care about me that much as you do. You came and helped me; I remember that you told me it was a normal thing, which happens for every girl on the planet. You have been there for me, my whole life. If some of the jocks bullied me, you stood for me, even if they were senior. The point is that you were there when I needed you most and I’m thankful for that, I owe you.

Like I said before it is not your fault I’m gone, I was always happy when I was with you. I just could take it anymore, they bullied me because I’m an outcast, a misfit and it’s true, I believe them even when I shouldn’t. An aunt that doesn’t care about one, all the too high expectations from the teacher and the school. The depression from my parents death doesn’t help me either. I just want to feel free and loved, be myself, with the people I loved and I love you Mikey, more than I should.

Michael Gordon Clifford; I am truly madly deeply in love with you, and now I have admitted it, it’s feets delightful to say it. I have felt this way for some months now, I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Every time you used some cheesy pick up lines, I fell for them. Even when you said you were joking. I wish you a happy life with me in your heart and memories.

I love you and I mean it.

Love, Hailey xxx


“I love you too and mean it too,” Michael whispered, as the last tear fell.

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