Suicide (based on real life)

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  • Publiceret: 10 nov. 2016
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2. the pay back

I growed up in an family on four. Just mom, dad, and my half sister. And let me say it like that, there has always been problems in my family. My mom and big sister has both ADHD, so yeah... problems. I have always been the quite one, always in the corner for myself in my own thoughts, and in 7 years it was all about my sister, she got all the attention. But me? I was forgotten, I was just down there in the corner. In school I had a hard time, I was definitely not like the other kids. I never said no, they called my the worst stuff and always made fun of me, just because I didn't say stop. The beat me every single day, also in front of the teachers, they just looked away like nothing ever happened. At home it was the same, my sister called so many things, like bitch, slut, that I should die, that I'm ruined the whole family, even beaten me too. In 6' grade it went all wrong, I starter cutting, it was my way to say "help" I stopped going to school, I cried every single day. I started to go to an psychologist, I leaned to say stop, I begin to fight back, I started to tell my parents. In 7 class I moved to a new school. It was there I for seriously broke down. I was only in school for an half year. If not less. my parents began to abandon me, and sought professionally help to me. I came on a abantorium for young people who had it hard, and we found out that I had the diagnoses ADD and Aspergers

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