Suicide (based on real life)

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  • Publiceret: 10 nov. 2016
  • Opdateret: 21 dec. 2016
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5. raped

This year, (2016) turned everything upside down again. After it started to go better. I started writing with a boy, I did not expect anything,

But he suggested that we should meet. I told him we would meet in a public place, but turned it to we were going to him, which I was not so happy. We were at his house, alone. His parents were not there. He lived in a small house a little isolated from public assembly. When we were at home with him, he began to kiss me, and I pulled me a little off, and told that I own lacked desire. He lay on top of me, where I tried to push him away. How he reacted violently and

My hands held firmly at all. The cairns it's own strange dawned on me that I was a little scared, I was scared of what he might find. He tore my pants off, and destroyed my underwear after that I tried to keep them up, then went he started with the rape. I responded eagerly and tried to push him away everything I could, and repeatedly shouted stop and let be. I could feel the towers press, but I did everything to keep them inside after I was too scared to watch a Ydeligere reagsion. In it he abruptly pull up and went into another room panicked me completely. Should I flee? Should I be? All these thoughts running in my head and I came to see my slipped path. I hurried Taking mime pants. And sounded out the door. But as I reached the outside front, something happened that was quite unexpected. I could feel this arm, take hold of me.

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