Suicide (based on real life)

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  • Publiceret: 10 nov. 2016
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6. police

His words came flying and confidently out of his mouth. What time will you be tomorrow?

I hesitated a "øhmm" and an answer when I have free from work. It had not dawned on me enduring that I had been raped. I did not think about it.

After a greeting on my block list rings went with it yourself inside me. I stopped to meet at work, I was at home and thought I was in the shower all the time. I felt so dirty and disgusting. I continued to wash myself in the crotch. I felt so clammy and disgusting and very dirty. My boss had called me into a meeting, the meeting I broke down crying. After I have been to a lot of conversations with psychologists, interrogations by the police and a special doctor to examine me in the abdomen for spærm as evidence. A few ruined panties and pants were still not proof enough for the police, and a few raft marks from his back after I had not had the desire and pain. But Even so, repealed the indictment. After so many proofs. He admitted enda that he had held me under the u-voluntary sexual intercourse. But still it was not for nothing. Today should I go around with these thoughts in my head the rest of my life. Today, my friend, a boyfriend she has talked to about it. But deep down, she is angry and disappointed. She got the knowledge that she could get a replacement on a certain number of money. (No need to tell how many) but as she talked to me about it. So what should she spend money when the thing which has happened has put on her soul and remain the rest of his life. She lives in the moment with medication and constant assistance due to the great anxiety she has to meet new people and especially foreign men. And what money can help with that? Nothing.

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