Suicide (based on real life)

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  • Publiceret: 10 nov. 2016
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3. heart attack

it had gone very far. "Cut yourself to death" "I hope you die" all these things my sister was saying, and one day it was just too much. I was on medication and knew how dangerous it would be if I took too much. thoughts running around in my head. I should just let life? it would of course be much better, there's no reason that I am here. I did not belong here. it says all yourself.

in October, 2015. I took an overdose. I was close to an heart attack. it changed my life in many ways. the medicine I took was very strong. I'm already a little weakling, so there should not so much to take me out. After 27 pills of 40 mg, it began to hurt in my heart. I could feel my heartbeat become harder and harder, and much faster. I was not thinking clearly, I just wanted to go away. after even more pills began fog obscuring my vision, I knew it was coming to an end. my mother came to my room and looked at me, I remember we had guests, my sister was so ashamed of me, of what I had popularized. I can not really remember anything but I came crying into our car on the way to hospital. I remember the time was between 17-18. I arrived at the hospital, close to a heart attack they said. what happened later I don't not want to comment on, it's not something people should hear about, the experience must have none. I was admitted to the psychiatric ward that night. I was better. I remember I could not go back and forth during the first day and after. I was allowed to go home the same day and was probably home something like between 2-3 pieces at night. after that, I had many conversations with the psychologist. I admit I regretted it the day Today. I needed one, I need one. to talk to. I need to talk with someone who has been the same through, I knew I was forced to find one.

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