[OPMÆRKSOMHED] - Denne historie er IKKE om mig, men om en pige, jeg ikke kender navnet på, aldrig har mødt eller kommer til at møde... men alligevel ved jeg at det her er sket, for der er folk, der tænker sådan her.

Har ikke selv selvmordstanker, cutter eller andet som det, men synes det er et alvorligt emne, der skal konfronteres.


1. Depression

My head.. is a terrible place to be right now. It’s full of suicide thoughts, depression, cutting, deep thoughts about life..


When I think about life, I don’t think about the good things, because I don’t personally think there is anything good left in the world..


Young girls are getting raped, even younger girls are prostitutes, boys with no limits, wars, a 12 years old girl is pregnant and the baby is growing up with a mom, who doesn't even have a life yet.. then how can she give one and an unknown dad there is traveling around the world just to ruin another young girl’s life.


I guess food is good.. but that will just keep me alive.

Then my family.. but they don’t understand me.

What about my friends? Well.. they’re fake, like the rest of the world.

Miracles! It’s just another word people use so they don’t sound hopeless.

Real friends. Do they even exist?

Happy moments. They are as rare as real friends.

Love.. I thought love was a wonderful feeling once, but it’s just another chance people take, to get into your heart, just to break it.

Candy.. I guess?! It will just make me fat, ugly and even more different than the other skinny girls.

Flowers. They’re beautiful, yes. But they’re just like love. You can pick up a flower, you can put it in a vase, it’ll stay with you for some days.. and then it’ll wither. Like love.


I can’t stand this anymore.. so much depression on one piece of paper, it’s hard to realise..


But there’s only one way out.


I have to.. it’s too much to handle for a girl.. like me, on 16.


It’s just too much.


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