Dying (Engelsk)

Dette er historien om en pige, der får en besked.

**Det er en kort historie på et par kapitler. Den er på engelsk**

**Den er ikke så god, da jeg har skrevet den på 1,5 time**


4. Kapitel 4

After about 40 minutes with dancing, drinking and talking, we went inside the house to use the restroom.

''What time is it?''


I looked at my watch.

''11:24. Why? Do you have to be home soon?''


''No, just wondering.'' She was a really bad liar, so I emidiatly knew she wasn't telling the truth.


''I know you're lying. Is it that message again?''


She shook her head and nodded at the same time. It looked really weird, actually.

I walked closer to her and put my hands on her shoulders.


I looked her in the eyes and said:

''Stop worrying. It's not real, okay?''


She nodded slowly.


''Good. Go pee. I'll wait right outside.''


While I was going outside, I was wondering why she made such a big deal out of it. I mean, it was just a text. Hundreds of people had gotten the exact same message, and none of them are dead. At leat not because a text said they would.


While I was waiting for Lizzy to come out, a girl bumped into me. She didn't say anything, but I figured she was too drunk to even know what she was doing. She looked a bit familiar, but I couldn't figure out where I had seen her.


While I was trying to figure out who the girl was, Lizzy had come out of the restroom and poked my shoulder. I turned around and pointed at the girl.


''Do you know who she is?''


She looked at the girl for a couple of seconds.

''No. Should I?''


''I dont know. I think I know her from somewhere, but I dont know where.''


''Hm. Let's get some water. I think I know where the kitchen is.''


She turned around and walked back inside.

I looked at the girl for another second, before I joined Lizzy.


The house was like a labyrinth. We found the living room, second bathroom and Simon's parents' room, before we finally came to the kitchen. We looked through the cabinets to find some cups, so we could get some water. Like the house, we had to look through 4 cabinets before finding the right one. We took some water and decided to take a small break from the party. Luckily, their dining table was in the kitchen, so we didn't have to look for it.


It was nice to sit down. We had been standing or dancing most of the night.

After a while, I looked at my clock and saw that it was 11:36.

I only had about 20 minutes left to live. If the message was true.


Okay, I admit that I was beginning to feel a little bit scared. I stil didn't believe it, but there was I tiny part of me that just couldn't forget about it. If I died today, I wouln't have done anything.

I never sneaked out, i'm still a virgin and I haven't even graduatet.

But I doesn't matter, 'cause it's not true. I'm not gonna die today.


The only problem was, that if I really didn't believe it...


Why did I feel the need to convince myself?


Jeg skriver videre snart. Da det er en kort historie, bliver næste kapitel nok det sidste.

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