Dying (Engelsk)

Dette er historien om en pige, der får en besked.

**Det er en kort historie på et par kapitler. Den er på engelsk**

**Den er ikke så god, da jeg har skrevet den på 1,5 time**


3. Kapitel 3

When we finally got to the party, the time was 10:47.

We went to Simon's backyard and started dancing.


After about 10 minutes, Lizzy pulled me away from the crowd.

She looked really worried and I asked her what was wrong.


''I know you dont believe it, but if it's true, you only have about an hour to live.''


At first I was a bit confused, but then I remembered the message.


''Calm down. It's not true. And even if it was, I wouldn't want my last night to be you worrying about me. What's fun about that? Let's just party.''


''But what if it is? Are you not scared at all?''


''No, but if you keep acting like i'm gonna die, I might get a little annoyed.''


''Sorry.'' She looked a bit sad when she said it, so I quickly said that it was fine.


''Well, I saw a cute guy I planned to make out with. Can I do that without you following me?''

She just looked at me for a couple of seconds, before she smiled.

''You're welcome to join, i'm pretty sure he wouldn't have a problem with that.'' I said, with a serious face.


She smiled, until she saw my face. She looked shocked.


''W-wait, you're serious?'' She said with big eyes.


I couldn't keep a straight face anymore, so I started laughing.

Lizzy started laughing too and when we finally stopped, we started dancing again.


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