The stars

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  • Publiceret: 19 aug. 2015
  • Opdateret: 24 okt. 2015
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Ilma og Uhma flygter. Nogle er efter dem.
En kort historie om flugten igennem en hule, som ikke er lige nem at finde ud af.


2. The stars (english)

 ”Just follow me and run like your life depended of it. Because it does”, Uhma began to run. I followed her the best I could.

 ”I don’t...understand...what..we are gonna do”, I was breathless. I have never running much. And never in a terrain like this. The gravel path wasn’t flat, and the cave was only light up by some torches, who was around at the close walls.

“Don´t you understand it?”, she stopped running. Looked on me with her deep and beautiful eyes. “You now we need to leave this town, this place.....right?”. I nodded. She began to run again. “So, do you understand? They is after us. And because of that, we need to run away”. Yes. I already know that. I know they was after us, but I don´t no what we have done. Uhma had set fire to a baby carriage. Maybe it was because of that. But it was an accident. I was standing in a long line, waiting for some food, with many screaming children, because they need some food to survive. I ended with a piece dry bread, I couldn’t chew over. Now we was here. I a dark cave we don’t could get out of. They was after us. We haven’t any weapons. We couldn’t defend us self. We couldn’t anything.

I was beginning to been a little bit slowly. But I know I needed to use all my powers. For Uhma. And for mom.

“Under the stars on the sky,, you are ailing with me. Close slowly your eyes, and then we are on way. You are a little child, my friend. I need to get over it. Just leaving, leaving, and never coming back...”, I was singing in my self. A song I always have loved. Mom have always singed it for me, when I was going to bed, and when I couldn’t sleep. This song reassured me. With this song I know mom always would be here with me, and always would love me, whatever I was gonna do.

It makes me thinking about all the sad things in my life. But it enhanced me. It makes me stronger. The motor inside me was beginning to speed up. And fast like a flash I was just behind Uhma. Her left lace band had gone up.

“Just keep running. I would overtake you.”, she waved with her arms. I continuing, but I couldn’t find around in the cave. I looked at the sites. It was actually a very boring place we was ended. It was just some stone-walls. I have always just seen a beautiful nature from my terrace, so to be in a dark, closed space, wasn’t nice to me. But I try again to stay focus. I know was I was fled for. I know what we was fighting against.


Maybe was the stars after us, but we had the time. And the time isn’t there anybody who can win over.




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